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Assassins Creed Origins Gift From The Gods Guide

Here's a complete guide on how and where to find a gift from the gods quest


Assassins Creed Origins Gift From The Gods Guide: Looking for ways to find the new Final Fantasy items? If you are really finding the new Final Fantasy items, you have come to the right place. Yes,  in Assassins Creed Origins Gift From The Gods Guide, we will explain everything through the special new quest. A Gift from the Gods rewards you numerous Final Fantasy Cross-Over items, which include the Ultima Blade and a Chocobo inspired mount.

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Where To Find A Gift From The Gods Quest

You can find the Gift from the Gods quest at the green quest marker in Saqqara Nome. For that, you will have to travel to the South East corner of the map. You can find the quest South West of the town of Memphis, or South East from the Nitria camp Fast Travel Point.

A Gift From The Gods Explained

The moment you arrive at the location for the A Gift from the Gods Quest, you will see a meteor falling from the sky. You will have to move towards the impact locations where you will find that the falling rock is revealed an entrance in a nearby tomb.

Once you entered insides the gate, you will meet with a large wall. There is a puzzle out there but it is quite simple. Digimon ReArise Favorite Food Guide: Here’s What Food Is Best To Increase Your Digimon Bond

Once you managed to solve the puzzle and interact with the Animun at the end. After a brief cut-scene you will unlock the Ultima Sword, Zeidrich Shield and Kweh Mount (chocobo).

AC Origins FFXV Ultima Blade Legendary Sword

Ultima Blade is one of the dealiest weapon of the game which has a power to kill almost 400 people in a second. The description of Ultima Blade reads, “Only a blade forged in Insomnia would tirelessly absorb the life-force of fallen foes”.

AC Origins FFXV Shield Ziedrich Legendary

Ziedrich is a legendary shield with 903 HP, quality of 93, range resistance, damage absorption rate, and bleeding on block. The description of Ziedrich says, “For days on end, a legendary blacksmith hammered a new sheet of armor onto this shield. It will make a legend of you”.

AC Origins Kweh Mount FFXV Chocobro Camel

Kweh, which is also known as Chocobo camel’s description says: “This enigmatic creature’s tremendous speed was once used for racing”. The Kweh has the same speed as the other mounts.

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