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Bigg Boss 14, Oct 14, Written Update: Eijaz, Nishant, Pavitra and Rahul win immunity

Nikki Tamboli chooses Team B-Eijaz, Nishant, Pavitra and Rahul as the winner of the immunity task.


Bigg Boss 14, Oct 15, Written Update: It’s day 12 of Bigg Boss 14, the contestants wake up to the song Dj Wale Babu, later, Nishant, Jaan, and Nikki sit together and mock Rubina as she keeps using the word ‘babu’.

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Hina asks Eijaz if he has solved his differences with Pavitra, to which, he says that he is hurt as she nominated him and says that he doesn’t need their friendship. Hina says that Pavitra is possessive about him, replies, and says that nobody has the right to be possessive about him.

In the garden area, Rahul gets flirty with Nikki and he teases Jaan as Nikki brother zoned him in the previous episode. Both the teams start planning and strategizing in order to win the immunity task. Later, at 3.30 pm, Bigg Boss announces that day two of the task begins and tells them to start over from where they left yesterday. Team A and B start decorating their farm, Nishant and Deol try to block each other, whereas, Eijaz enters the field of Team A field and try to destroy it, Shehzad and Eijaz get quarrel.

Meanwhile, Rahul impresses Gauahar with his singing skills, and she gives him soil. The task gets violent and everyone becomes aggressive and starts destroying each other’s farms. In between, Nikki and Shehzad start arguing and she abuses him. Ahead, Nishant and Deol abuse each other and fight with each other. Bigg Boss intervenes and stops the task as things go wild. Nikki and Jasmin get into a verbal spat and Nikki abuse her, Jasmin loses it and goes inside the house and starts weeping and complains to Bigg Boss and questions Bigg Boss for selecting her as a sanchalak. Jasmin tells that she will not tolerate anyone abusing her on national television and calls Nikki biased.

Nishant and Deol’s fight goes ugly, Deol calls Nishant a eunuch. Later, Rubina gets angry as Shehzad uses the wrong word against the LGBTQ community and tells him to apologize to the whole community and he apologizes.

At 5 PM, the task begins again, Bigg Boss announces Hina to open her flower shop. Rahul tries his best and wears a towel and tries to impress Hina, so she can give him flowers and he can decorate his field. Eijaz also joins Rahul and the duo performs a close dance, leaving Hina impressed. Both the teams start to decorate their farms again. The contestants do their best to impress the seniors so they can get items to decorate their fields, in order to win the immunity.

Yet again, things go bad and the contestants destroy each other’s farm.  Rubina also throws garbage to the opposite team’s farm. The buzzer rings and Bigg Boss asks Nikki to announce the winner of the task and she chooses Team B- Eijaz, Nishant, Pavitra and Rahul as the winner of the immunity task, which saves them from the nomination this week and Team A -Rubina, Abhinav, Jasmin, Jaan and Shehzad get nominated for the week. Later, Pavitra complains about Eijaz’s behavior and says that she will never talk to him.

(Episode Ends)

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