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Bigg Boss 14, Nov 11, Written Update: Rubina and Shardul get nominated this week

Here's all that happened in tonight's episode of 'Bigg Boss 14.'


The task continues and Eijaz sits on the throne and tells Jaan that he has to destroy his family photo in order to save him. Jaan agrees and destroys it. Nikki tells Rahul that he has to sign a declaration certification that says Jaan is a better singer than him, Rahul agrees and signs it. Pavitra tells Eijaz to destroy both his photo frames. Eijaz agrees and destroys it with a heavy heart. To save Rahul, he tells Punia that she has to sacrifice her 10 clothing items, she agrees. The task ends, Bigg Boss tells the contestants that Shardul and Rubina are nominated for this week.

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It’s a new day, the contestants wake up to the song Party On My Mind. Nikki tells Abinav and Rubina that everyone took last night lightly. After some time, Rahul proposes to Disha Parmar for marriage on the occasion of her birthday. He even writes happy birthday on his white t-shirt and behind the t-shirt, he writes marry me? 

Bigg Boss announces that it is Disco night in the house and also says that the contestant who parties and dances till the end of the task, will become the new captain, he also adds that nobody can stand still or sit during this or else they will be disqualified from the task.

DJ Chetas enters and starts playing the music, the contestants enjoy as they dance their hearts out. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that only 9 inmates will get the entry pass out of 11 inmates. Jasmin says Rubina and Eijaz.

Next, Anu Malik enters and starts singing, the contestants enjoy, Pavitra looks at Eijaz from the glass and dances. He smiles and dances with her through the glass. Shardul dances with Pavitra and rests on her back, she tells him not to. Aly tells Abhinav to take Kavita out in the next round. Jasmin tells that she does not Jaan in the captaincy race. The housemates decide to remove Jaan and Kavita from the round.

The next singer is Neeti Mohan, she sings Ishq Wala Love for Rahul and Disha. Pavitra dances looking at Eijaz. Aly and Jasmin dance together. Nikki dances with Shardul. Aly and Rahul talk to each other and strategize to make Aly the next captain.

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