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15 Life Changing Beauty Hacks All Young Girls Should Know

15 Genius Beauty Hacks That Will Change Every Girl's Life


Summer is the time of the year to wear your most open and breezy clothes. So you want your skin to look its best but heat, sun, and dry air might cause skin problems. Skincare products are too expensive and in the present age of rushing everywhere, you also do not have time to run to the store or spend time (or money) to go to a salon.

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So for all you ladies out there, we bring some home hacks that will not only save money but will give you a salon-like look.

Here are 15 LGenius beauty hacks you can do at home

1. Hydrate your mascara

If your mascaras are becoming less smooth all you have to do is add some eye drops to it. As eyedrops are meant for eyes, they won’t damage your eyes as oils would. Add a drop or two and mix it with the wand. But do check that the expiry date on the mascara.

2. Treat Blemishes:


Worried about that pimple before a big event. Take an aspirin to crush it with a spoon add some distilled water and make a paste. Apply this paste for five minutes and then wash it off gently with water and a washcloth. The inflammation will go down.

3. All-day perfume

If you want your perfume to last longer, rub vaseline on your wrists and then spray your perfume. This causes the
perfume to sink into the Vaseline making it last much longer!

4. Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Want to make that perfect cat eye for your big date. Take a spoon and use its handle to draw the line and its curve to create the angle, and then fill it in.

5. No shaving cream?

If you are out of shaving cream and it is an emergency you can go for the conditioner! Yes, it will make your skin smoother and help for a smooth shaving experience too. But remember this is only for an emergency.

6. Minimize hair frizz


After washing your hair use a t-shirt instead of a towel for drying. It won’t cause friction and is much less harsh on your hair.

7. Thigh Chafing

In summer we have a problem of thigh chafing when wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses. This can be solved by using deodorant. Just rub it on your inner thighs where you usually chafe. Use only stick or roll-ons not sprays.

8. Create The Perfect Hair Bun

Take a sock cut the toe portion off. Then, roll the sock up until it’s a donut shape. Place your hair in a high ponytail, and then wrap the ponytail around the rolled-up sock until your hair is completely covering it. Ta da you have a full bun.

9. Honey For Chapped Lips

To make a perfect lip balm for the dry months of the year, mix a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of sugar in a bowl. Stir the ingredients, massage the lip balm into your lips for about two minutes. Afterwards, wipe the lip balm off with a cloth.

10 Conceal Dark Circles.

Draw Triangles Under Eyes With Concealer and then smooth it in, blend well. This easy trick will help lift your face up and hide dark circles.

11. Strengthen Nails With Toothpaste

If your nails are brittle, Rub toothpaste onto your nails once a day for about a week, and you’ll see a dramatic change in your nail health. It will not only make them strong but the growth too will be faster.

12. Use Gelatin To Remove Blackheads

If you want to quickly remove blackheads, try making a mask using gelatin. Mix a tablespoon of gelatin with a tablespoon of milk. Stir the two ingredients together, and then microwave for about a minute. After the mixture cools down, apply it to your problem areas with a makeup brush. Leave the gelatin on for about a minute, and then pull it off. Your skin should look much clearer after using this mask!

13. Use Pigtails To Create The Perfect Low Bun

Tie two low pigtails as close together as you possibly can in the middle of the back of your head. Then, wrap the ends of the pigtails together until you’ve created a bun. Secure your beautiful bun with bobby pins.

14. Use A Bandage To Create Quick Nail Art

Take a bandage with little holes as a stencil. Paint the base colour on your nails. Let your nails dry, and then cover them in the bandages. Paint dots through the holes, and then peel the bandages away. You’ll be left with adorable polka dot nails!

15. Lighten Foundation With Moisturizer

If you buy a foundation that’s too dark for your skin. Put in a few drops of moisturizer in the foundation, and then stir. Test the foundation out, and if it’s still too dark, add a little more moisturizer. Keep adding moisturizer until your foundation perfectly matches your skin tone.

So get set girls there is no stopping you now.

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