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Top 5 Free Casino Games Played By Celebrities Around The World

Here are 5 best online free Casino Games which are also played by celebrities


Gambling is frowned upon by many but the game of chance also arouses a craving for excitement. This is the only reason that Gambling of various sort is found in every culture around the globe. The thrill of winning Casino Game inspires a craze that leaves a person addicted to the game of chance. You will find different types of people in a casino, some first-time players, some hardcore players, some only concentrating on the thrill of a win and some just passing the time.

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Today we will not only share the history of casino games but will also share some of the popular free Casino games played by not only common man but celebrities around the world too. Going on a gambling spree is quite common for a Celebrity. But first, let us tell you a little something about the origin of casino games.

The History of Slot Machines:

Slot Machines were developed by Charles Fey a mechanic in California in the 1890’s. He called it Liberty Bell. Soon Online pokies for real money were invented in New Zealand. More fun themes and symbols were created for popular gaming machines. The Mechanical reels were replaced by Random numbers and then the online slot machine and online Video Poker was also invented. Experiments for a better version is still on.

History of Card Games:

The French learned from the Arabs how to play cards. They had cards with pictures of Emperor Napolean and other French Kings on it. The original cards were carved from wood and it was the French who gave them the suits from which games like Poker and Blackjack were created. It’s believed that Blackjack is a later version of Trente et Un. A game in which the player has to get as close to 31 as possible. Since then there have been many variations of Blackjack.

Craps and Roulette:

The two games originated from Egypt and France. Craps a dice game came from the Egyptian practice of witch doctors. They would throw numbered stones and small bones to determine the fate of the sick. Blaise Pascal is the brain behind the Roulette Wheel. The game developed and went on to be popular across the globe.

After sharing with you a brief history of the chance games we now share the most popular games played by Celebs.

Here is the list of Top 5 popular free casino games played by celebrities.


Ray Romano, a famous American comedian is known for his love of Craps. Played with dices, Michael Jordan, a famous ex-professional basketball player too is addicted to this game.


Blackjack needs a lot of strategizing and has many a celebrity hooked to it. Hollywood star Ben Affleck, s well-known for his addiction for this casino game. Another famous celebrity is Tiger Woods, who is also known to play Blackjack a lot.


The Spinning Wheel is one casino game that is loved by Tiger Woods the famous professional golfer. Harry Styles, of One Direction fame is another well-known face who loves this game.


Slots is a favourite of not only common man but also celebs. Former Playboy model and actress Pamela Anderson in Baywatch series is a big fan of this game.


Poker is a favourite of Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly. She even won the World Series of Poker Ladies Championships in the year 2005. Olympic Swimming Champion Michael Phelps, is another celebrity who loves to play Poker.

A word of warning to all: Addiction of anything is harmful not only for the person but also for their family members. Some celebrities are so addicted that even after losing a humongous amount they are still addicted to the game. Not only celebs even common man does the same. So please take care not to get addicted to anything.

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