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Stardew Valley Professions Guide: Which Profession is the best to pick?

We have listed down every profession of Stardew Valley and suggested you the better one.


Stardew Valley Professions: There are plenty of guides available on the internet about Stardew Valley skills and professionals but we will explain which profession is best for you. Yes, we are going to break down every Stardew Valley professions along with its pro and cons making it easier for you to choose a better profession. Stardew Valley best crops

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In Stardew Valley, the moment you complete level 5, you will start thinking that which profession is best. Notably, it is totally depend on your first choice, you get a second bonus at level 10 which specializes you in the selected profession. Stardew Valley Luau Festival Guide: Tips & Tricks To Impress The Governor

There are dozens of combination of professions available in Stardew Valley but only a few make huge impact while playing the game. Among all of them, you must pick one of the professions that matches your preferences.

Our prime aim to bring the list of best Stardew Valley professions is to let players know ahead of the time that the choices they will get to make at level 10.

List of Best Stardew Valley Professions

1. Combat Professions

Fighter vs Scout

Fighter (Level 5)

All attacks can deal 10% more damage and you are likely to receive +15 HP. A nice, reliable boost.

  • Brute (Fighter Level 10) —  Damage is increased another 15% to 25% over base.
  • Defender (Fighter Level 10) — You gain +25 HP.

Scout (Level 5)

The chances of Critical strike have been increased by 50% over the base amount. Not additive, but does stack with other bonuses.

  • Acrobat (Scout Level 10) —  Cooldown on special moves is halved.
  • Desperado (Scout Level 10)  — Critical hits deal more damage.

Which profession is the best? Fighter or Scout

Fighter is arguably the better choice. You can spam attacks and stunlock most monsters and Fighters will surely help to give you rip them to shreds giving you a minor defensive boost. In addition, Brute makes everything better. Notably, special movies are not always helpful and that it the reason we did not even consider acrobat. Stardew Valley Guide: How & Where To Find Linus Basket In Stardew Valley

2. Farming Professions

 Rancher vs Tiller

Rancher (Level 5)

Animal products are worth 10% more.

  • Coopmaster (Rancher Level 10) —  Befriend coop animals faster. Incubation time is cut in half.
  • Shepherd (Rancher Level 10) — Befriend barn animals faster. Sheep produce wool faster.
Tiller (Level 5)

Crops are worth 10% more.

  • Artisan (Tiller Level 10)  — Artisan Goods are worth 50% more. This includes things like wine, beer, and cheese. Pretty much any crafted good.
  • Agriculturist (Tiller Level 10) — All crops grow “10%” faster.

Which profession is the best? Rancher vs Tiller

You can gain a huge profit from taking Tiller with the Artisan Profession. And that is the only reason that Animal products And Garden are boosted when it turned into artisan goods and you have multiple choices for making them. While the boosts to coop and barn animals are much more narrow. Even if you have a large animal farm, you may be better off turning those products into artisan goods and benefiting from the higher sale price.

3. Fishing Professions

Fisher vs Trapper

Fisher (Level 5)

The Fisher profession in Stardew Valley offers 25% boost to all fish value. This is a nice, flat that can affect both reel and crab pot fishing.

  • Angler (Fisher Level 10) — Fish are now worth 50% more.
  • Pirate (Fisher Level 10) — Chance to find treasure is doubled (around 30% chance, more with higher luck).

Trapper (Level 5)

The original requirement is 40 wood and 3 iron bars. This is significantly reduced to 25 wood and 2 copper bars. As easy as copper is to get, allowing you to make many, many more crab pots.

  • Mariner (Trapper Level 10) —  Crab Pots never catch trash
  • Luremaster (Trapper Level 10) — Crab pots no longer need to be baited

Which profession is the best? Fisher vs Trapper

Fisher with the Angler job can allow you to easily purchase crab pots for 1500g, though fisher + pirate is not an awful idea so that treasure chests come up a bit more often – you can find great things inside and it will help you find some artifacts for the museum.

4. Foraging Professions

Forester vs Gatherer

Forester (Level 5)

Wood is worth 50% more.

  • Lumberjack (Forester Level 10) – Normal trees occasionally drop hardwood.
  • Tapper (Forester Level 10) – Syrup is worth 25% more.

Gatherer (Level 5)

Chance for double harvest when foraging.

  • Botanist (Gatherer Level 10) — Foraged items are always gold quality.
  • Tracker (Gatherer Level 10) — Locations of forgable items are revealed.

Which profession is the best? Forester vs Gatherer

As we have seen many profession offering specific advantages. However, we did not find wood as the best choice for you when it comes to make money. If we talk Tracker, which is also not worth to compete with other skills of this level. We would reccomend to consider botanist as the best choice even though we do not know who needs so much gold items. Lumberjack is also a good choice, because everyone needs hardwood.

5. Mining Professions

Miner vs Geologist

Miner (Level 5)

Ore veins yield +1 ore.

  • Blacksmith (Miner Level 10) — Metal bars are worth 25% more.
  • Prospector (Miner Level 10) —  Coal find doubled.

Geologist (Level 5)

Gems have a chance to spawn in pairs.

  • Excavator (Geologist Level 10) — Geode find doubled.
  • Gemologist (Geologist Level 10) —  Gems are worth 30% more.

Which profession is the best? Miner vs Geologist

We would not suggest you to consider mining in Stardew Valley to be a money maker, so boosting gem and metal bar did not managed to impress us. We think, Geologist seems to be the better pick because of Excavator. Finding more coal can be useful but it can only be crafted and framed from the dust sprites around level 40-80 in the mine. You can find all kinds of nice things inside geodes, so Excavator’s kind of a grab bag that may result in some great finds and will help you to have more gifts for residents of Pelican Town.

There you have all of them. Besides Stardew Velley Professions, be sure to check out out other Guide, Cheats, Information and Tips & Tricks article as well.

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