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No Smoking Day 2021: Best Ways To Quit-Smoking Today

Wanting to quit smoking? There's no better day than today itself. Here check out best ways to quit smoking


No Smoking Day is observed every year on the second Wednesday of March, this day is observed as an annual health awareness day. Smoking not only affects the smoker’s health, but it also affects people in the surroundings and the environment thereby releasing toxic air pollutants. Although smoking has numerous health risks, the number of smokers sees a surge every day. And thus the health awareness campaigns have to be observed. Quitting to smoke is certainly not an easy task, however, it’s also not an unachievable task. On the occasion of No Smoking Day today we have compiled few best ways you can quit smoking.

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Check out these best ways to quit smoking:

Find a reason to quit smoking:

Smoking leads to patchy skin, discoloration of teeth, causes heart disease, pneumonia, stroke and many types of cancer, out of which oral cancer is the most common cause. Almost every organ in the body gets affected by smoking. In order to quit smoking, you need to have a strong reason. Finding your reason would lead to the next steps towards quitting. Either you can decide to quit smoking because of its side effects or you can do it because you love the family, environment, maybe you want to quit smoking to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can simply ask yourself why you want to quit smoking and be dedicative to this decision.

Quit smokingAvoid triggers:

One of the best ways to stop smoking is by avoiding the triggers. Being busy helps forget about cigarettes, however, there are certain triggers that keep you reminding about them. If your work schedule triggers you then make changes in the schedule, change the way you used to keep things around you. Step into a new phase of your life with a fresh surrounding. People smoke for different reasons, it could be a stressful situation, alongside coffee, at parties, or when you are around friends. Finding such triggers are the key steps towards mastering No Smoke Days. And eventually, when you manage to avoid smoking for few days, you might become habitual.

Smoking Triggers, No Smoking Day

Replace cigarettes with healthy alternatives:

Although it appears to be a challenge, replacing cigarettes with healthy alternatives doesn’t take much of an effort. Distracting yourself with healthy alternatives is the best way of avoiding the urge to smoke. You can simply drink a glass of water, eat crunchy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and protein bars. These are good for your whole body and can also help in quitting cigarettes.

Healthy Food, No Smoking Day

Self rewards:

Rewarding yourself while you keep progressing towards your no-smoking mission is surely a great idea. Set benchmarks for your own self and everytime you accomplish these goals treat yourself with something great. Here are simple reward ideas: Eat your favorite food, watch a movie, play video games, book a spa, go out for dates, bubble bath, buy shoes, etc.

Self Rewards, Quit Smoking

Consult doctor:

It’s good if you don’t consume nicotine in your body, however, during the initial stages of no smoking days you might feel some changes in your body. 2-3 Days after quitting to smoke people complain about experiencing mood swings, headache, cravings, these problems can vary from person to person. Only after around 40 days of no smoking days, your lungs start to improve their immunity and other organs in the body also start recovering. If you experience severe health conditions you should consult with a doctor and learn about them. Having complete knowledge about the changes that take place in your body during the no-smoke mission is a better option rather than suffering unknowingly.

No Smoking, Consult Doctors


Keep craving journal:

Cravings are one of the major problems people deal with they stop smoking all of sudden. One of the main symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome (NWS) is having a strong urge to smoke and this can panic you. Keeping a journal for these cravings can help you in tracking your behavioral changes. By studying your craving journal you can determine the effectiveness of the different treatments in the control of craving.

No Smoking Day, Habbit Tracker, Quit Cigarettes

We the team of The Live Mirror wish that you accomplish all your goals in quitting smoking.

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