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“Bhakts” getting graduated with “WhatsApp University” Degree


Getting inducted into a prestigious university was quite difficult previously. You’d usually have to pass multiple entrance exams and then clear their personal interviews. You have to study and perform consistently to get there.

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There now seems to be a new university that has taken the country by storm. They have outdone every possible ‘educational institute’ and they also have free admission!

This prestigious university is popularised by its ‘students’ as ‘WhatsApp University’

A student from WhatsApp university doesn’t require anything to get admission into it. Just their phone numbers to possibly admit themselves into it. Neither brains nor common sense seems to be the norm for being a prominent member of the ‘university’.

Viruses Nipah and Ebola have killed millions and double the amount of those killed was infected.

A new virus which came into existence after 2014 and is even more deadly is the ‘Bhakt Virus.’

The total population of India is 1.2 billion and people from the age groups of 21-30 are more than 50 per cent which accounts for the fact that the youth and the working, productive class of our country are most affected.

Everyone knows or is associated with a set of ‘bhakts’ around them and the most infamous set of’ bhakts’ floating around the web are known as the troll army. I have seen many bhakts too. Many of them were not that educated but that doesn’t surprise me. What came as a surprise to me was the educated sect who were infected by the aforementioned virus.

Exhibit A

WhatsApp University
“Bhakts” getting graduated with “WhatsApp University” Degree

My friend is sick; very sick. He has been infected by this virus a little too severely. He showed the symptoms of ‘bhakti’ when he started posting Whatsapp statuses for every visit that a certain minister carried out in every 5 days. Then he started forwarding messages of those visits alongside the achievements of BJP which initially were true But suddenly he switched to forwarding fake news and spreading false propaganda.

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