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Bhopal: Held captive by jilted lover, mobs seek justice for woman by thrashing


In a twisted case of drama, a man was arrested for holding a woman hostage at gunpoint at her home in Bhopal, a video emerged on July 14 showing women beating the accused, who is in police custody. “His only demand was that the police help him marry the girl because they were in love,” Superintendent of Police Rahul Lodha told the Hindustan Times. “I told him that no one could stop them as both were adults. We also talked to the girl, who said she wanted to go with Rohit.”

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In the video, the accused Rahul Singh, who had held a female model hostage at her apartment for over 12 hours claiming that he loves her and wants to marry her, can be seen in police custody while women are slapping and beating him with slippers in full public view.

The hostage drama ended on Friday evening after the city police rescued the female model who was held captive by her jilted lover, demanding that she marry him. The accused was held and the victim was rushed to hospital as she had suffered minor injuries.

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In a twist to the case, the woman later told the police that even she was ready to marry Rahul, a casting director whom she had met in Mumbai around two years ago when she was pursuing her modelling career. However, the woman today said that she had agreed to marry the man only because he threatened to kill her, according to a NDTV report.

“Rohit alias Regal Singh threatened my life… He came to my house around 6 am and pushed me inside my room at gun point… He attacked and injured me… I had no option but to agree to marry him… But I do not want to marry him,” the channel quoted the woman as saying in her statement in front of a magistrate on Friday night.

The episode began when Singh, who claims to be an aspiring model, knocked on the woman’s door around 7 am. She opened the door and the two had an altercation, police said. He took her to a room at gunpoint and bolted it from inside, said Inspector Sanjeev Chouse of Misrod police station. Then he sent a video to a TV journalist through his mobile phone, saying the police and the woman’s family were opposed to their marriage so he was holding her hostage.

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He shared another video sometime later, showing the woman lying on bed with bloodstains all around the room. Soon, police and the media reached the spot, and police began persuading him to free the woman.

Singh, who hails from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh, kept speaking to both the media persons and police by video calls, saying he wanted to marry the woman, and he would kill himself if they did not get married.
After he allegedly started harassing her, her family had lodged a complaint against him in January, they said, adding that further details would come out during his questioning.

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