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Bigg Boss 14, Oct 27, Written Update: Jasmin lashes out at Rahul during captaincy task

Here's all that happened in tonight's episode of 'Bigg Boss 14.'


The episode starts with Rubina, Eijaz, Shardul, Jasmin, Abhinav, and others discussing the house duties. Kaushik tells Eijaz that she saved him from the nominations so that he can do more work as she thinks he has a lot of energy. Nishant speaks to Rahul and tells him that he should not have gotten the topic of nepotism in the house.

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Rahul and Jaan get into a verbal spat again and give each other names. Rahul tells him “ladki mat ban,” this irks Nishant, Nikki, and Naina. The contestants argue with Rahul and tell him that his comment was wrong. Naina asks Rahul if he thinks girls are weak. Rahul defends himself and says he did not mean that. Naina loses her cool and tells him that if he should become a girl that might help him improve his game.

Shardul also expressed his displeasure over his “nepotism” comment, and the latter explains how his remark went wrong. Jaan talks to Nikki and tells her to either be with him or with Rahul, he tells her not to play with two guys and calls her two-faced.

Bigg Boss tells Kavita to informs the contestants to move to the garden area as it is time to sanitize the house. Kavita shares the message and gets into an argument with Shardul. Shardul maintains his calm and tells Kavita to talk properly, Kavita tells him to go to the garden area. After a while, Pandit gets upset due to the argument. Kavita says that Shardul broke BB’s rules and brings out his ‘mere god mein baithi’ thi comment on Naina, this irks Pandit, Jasmin tries to talk to Shardul and calms him down, whereas, Kavita enjoys the drama and says she’s loving the attention.

Rahul pokes Jaan once again by dragging his father’s name. Jaan warns Rahul to not speak about his father Kumar Sanu. Jaan pushes. Pavitra gets angry with Jaan and Rahul for doing violence. Eijaz and Jasmin try to explain to Jaan that Rahul is trying to instigate him. Nikki tries to talk to Rahul and tells him to not get Jaan’s father in between. Jasmin, Rubina, and Abhinav talk about Rahul’s behavior. Nikki and Jaan talk to Pavitra about her close bond with Eijaz. Pavitra reveals that her ‘soul’ is attached to Eijaz.

The next morning, the housemates wake up Made In India song.  Nikki and Rahul are seen talking about Jaan. Pavitra and Eijaz talk about Rahul and say that it’s his strategy to irk Jaan. Later, Jaan asks Nikki for help, but she gets angry and tells him to do his own work and should not be dependent on others. Rahul tries to calm Nikki down. Jaan tells Nikki that she should speak about herself and not include Rahul in her conversation. Jaan exposes Nikki’s double standards and says a few days ago, she was back-bitching about Rahul.

After some time, Eijaz tells Rubina, Nishant, and others that they should put the caps on shampoo bottles after using and shouldn’t waste ‘free’ resources, this comment irks Nishant and he speaks to Eijaz about his ‘free’ remark and they get into a heated argument. Kavita talks to Eijaz about the duties.

Bigg Boss announces a new captaincy task, titled, BB World Tour, in which the housemates are divided into two teams, and the contestants in the red zone area (Nikki, Rahul, Pavitra, and Jaan)  will have to snatch the travel bags from them.  The first eliminated contestant will become the sanchalak of the task. The green zone housemates decide they won’t let Eijaz become the captain.

The task begins, Nikki succeeds in grabbing Naina’s bag,  while Pavitra tries to take away Rubina’s bag. Naina and Nikki get into a heated argument. Naina becomes the sanchalak of the task, next, Nishant gives Naina advice on how she can use her power in everyone’s favour, and go against the red zone contestants.

The second round begins with Jaan and Rahul entering the pulling the tags from the housemates, Jaan manages to grab Kavita’s bag.  Rahul goes to Jasmin and attempts to snatch her bag. Rahul tells her to leave her bag stating that she may hurt her back. Rahul manages to pull Jasmin’s bag, this leaves her furious for physically intimidating her. Jasmin loses her cool and breaks down, Abhinav and Rubina try to cool her down. Rahul explains himself. In anger, Jasmin throws water at Rahul.

(Episode Ends)

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