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Blake Shelton Gets Jimmy Fallon’s Initials Shaved Into His Hair By Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton previously brought back the mullet


Blake Shelton has gotten an interesting new haircut courtesy of his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. During his Tonight Show home edition interview, the Honey singer got Jimmy Fallon’s initials shaved into his head by his girlfriend. However, Jimmy Fallon thought Blake Shelton totally resembled reality star Joe Exotic in his new hair do. The host stated, “Dude, you are so Tiger King right now you have no idea.”

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Coincidentally, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are quarantined in Oklahoma which is the state where Joe Exotic operated his controversial zoo.

While Blake’s new hair design isn’t super dramatic, it is easy to make out a “J” on one side and an “F” on the other. This is the second time Blake Shelton has gone with an unconventional choice regarding his hairdo. The singer showed off a mullet in late March which was also done by Gwen Stefani.

“Quarantine mullet update 3/26/2020 … @gwenstefani has decided to take it to the next level.. Stripes,” he tweeted.

The God’s Country singer had announced that he would be bringing the mullet back last month. He tweeted, “With basically EVERYTHING I had scheduled being canceled for the foreseeable further @gwenstefani and I have made a decision together. I am growing my mullet back as a symbol of hope or some s— like that.. Anyway it’s coming back! For real.

However, Blake and Gwen aren’t the only celebrities to give home makeovers a shot. Many celebrities are using their time in the quarantine to experiment with their looks. Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently posted a hilarious video proving that makeup wasn’t her strong suit. Moreover, Zoe Saldana joined in on the fun with a hilarious makeover. Even singer Ricky Martin showed off his dyed locks on Instagram.

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