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BTS drop hints of being in LA? ARMY’s have interesting theories on RM and Jungkook’s midnight posts  

RM and Jungkook surprised fans with their midnight posts on WeVerse. ARMY comes up with interesting theories on the possibilities of them being in LA


The seven members of BTS are quite pro when it comes to teasing the ARMY on social media. Recently RM, Jungkook and Jin treated their fandom with interesting posts on WeVerse, which makes their fans believe that the band is currently in LA. Well, what makes their fans believe so? Is the timing that they have shared these posts.

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RM was the first one to share his picture on WeVerse and he shared about having his dinner at 3 PM KST. Soon Jungkook posted his bright part from the Dis-ease song around 3 AM KST. Later it was Seokjin with his brown hair which is his look from the Dynamite song. Many ARMY’s were surprised about Jungkook and RM sharing posts during midnight because these two never post anything so late. On the other side, few of their fans speculate that probably they are not in South Korea and the time zones they shared these posts were probably as per Pacific Time Zone. And ARMY’s expect possibilities of them being in LA, thus fans trend WhereIsBTS on Twitter.

Do you think BTS might be in LA currently? Do let us know.

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