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BTS’s RM Reveals How Drake’s Thank Me Later Album Paved A Turning Point

BTS member RM reveals how Drake's Thank Me Later album brought a turning point in his style of songwriting


South Korean boyband, BTS is known for enjoying a massive fan following. There have been instances when the septet revealed about being inspired by many international artists. The leader of the Bangtan Boys, RM recently opened up on how Drake’s album, titled, Thank Me Later brought a turning point in his style of writing.

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stones, Kim Namjoon quizzed about how the idea of writing songs has changed over the years. To this RM reveals that he started writing rap phrases listening to big artists such as Nas, Eminem and few international artists. He reveals the turning point in his writing style came in with Drake’s album. “That album (Thank Me Later) was kind of shocking for me because it was kind of a freaky thing that a rapper actually sang. So after that a lot of rappers began to sing, deciding to put the melodies into their songs across the genres, between raps and melody. So, yeah, that was the moment,” said Joonie.

He also reveals when he was young, he wanted to be a writer of prose and poetry. And eventually, he found his love writing rap songs. He says a lot of what he always wanted to do went into making the music. He says, “Yes, there was this idea of being a pure artist or a pure rapper.”

BTS members recently got an opportunity of meeting Drake and they also shared the picture on the group’s Twitter handle.

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