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Mumbai penguin: Weeks after Freedom’s demise, Molt builds nest in Byculla zoo


Molt and Flipper, the most adorable couple in Mumbai’s Byculla zoo have already built a new nest to lay an egg. These come as a news of relief after their newborn chick ‘Freedom’ died on 20th August, which was born on 15th August hence, ‘Freedom’.

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On Monday, Molt spent a good amount of time collecting all the sticks and setting it up properly in the nest. which is indeed a very good sign for the zoo workers

A zoo official said that while it shows that their new nest is ready, it is also a very good indicator that the couple is not depressed or under any trauma.

He also added that penguins are monogamous, and it won’t be surprising if they start breeding soon. The penguin breeding season lasts from March to December.

BMC officials were quoted saying to DNA, the chick couldn’t make it because of newborn anomalies like yolk sac retention and liver dysfunction. Another senior zoo official said that initially Flipper and Molt were refusing to move out of the nest and had to be coaxed out. “After consulting with several experts, it was decided to barricade their nest for two days, and then began the activities to engage them.

Byculla Zoo Penguin

They love chasing laser lights and reflection from the mirror. We ensured that they were provided with these kinds of fun games throughout the day. The staff used to play with them and monitor them on an hourly basis, which helped in ensuring that they got back to normal,” said the official.

He later added that both Molt and Flipper were eating well and their health check-up has shown no signs that can be a cause for concern.

Meanwhile, several animal activists are concerned that breeding at the moment would be a bad idea, despite the previous misfortune with the penguin couple.

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