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Avengers Endgame: How was Captain America able to lift Thor’s Hammer?

Captain America was able to pick up Thor's hammer for this reason.


‘Avengers Endgame’ has hit fans like a bolt of thunder and they are unable to recover from its cinematic extravaganza. The ultimate fight between the superheroes and Thanos is truly stupendous. But a number of fans were left stumped how Captain America was able to lift Thor’s hammer that can only be handled by the Lord Of Thunder himself.

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In the first Thor film, we had seen Odin enchant the Hammer so that only the worthy will be able to use it. So how was Captain America able to lift it?

If we look back it is not the first time that Captain America has been able to do so. He has done it in ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ but only slightly. In ‘Age of Ultron’, there was a hint of Cap’s worthiness, but something was preventing him from fully lifting it.

But in the comics, a small selection of Marvel characters aside from Thor was able to lift it on rare occasions, including Steve Rogers, who did so twice.

As per the latest fan theory, the Captain was able to lift the Hammer a little in ‘Age Of Ultron’ because he had kept the truth hidden from the Iron Man. The Captain had known that it was Bucky who had killed Tony Stark’s parents during Zola’s Hydra slideshow presentation. At the end, when this information was out in the open he confessed to Tony that he knew but had not told him.

The theory further adds that as he had kept such a toxic information a secret he was not able to lift the hammer. But now that he has confessed he is once again worthy to lift the Mjolnir in Endgame as his moral purity is restored.

Do you have any other theory about Captain America being able to wield Thor’s Hammer? Do share.

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