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Celebrities who were sued for posting pictures on Instagram

Apart from Ariana, Khloe and Gigi have found themselves in this mess


Recently, Ariana Grande was in news for a copyright infringement issue. She has seemingly used an image as her own without crediting the photographer.

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The singer has used a picture by Robert Barbera. The picture got around 3 million likes before being deleted. The picture was of Ariana wearing a sweater shirt with thigh high boots. She had two photographs which had not been licensed before her posting them as reported by Forbes.

Similar cases have taken place before with Gigi Hadid and Khloe Kardashian in the past.

With Gigi Hadid, the case was that she was being sued in January this year for a picture shot last year. She later deleted the post stating that she was being legally sued for the post. Later she put up a long written post on her handle.

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Xclusive-Lee, Inc. says that she had copied the pictures and used them without permission.

Khloe Kardashian faced the issue in 2017.  She had posted a picture of herself with her sister in a restaurant. Xposure, an agency sued her saying that the picture had been licenced to the daily mail. The lawsuit was later dismissed saying that both the parties should now bear their own costs.

The reality star later shared a tweet in 2018 “I have to license some of the images first. A paparazzi sued me in the past for reposting an image of MYSELF. So now it just takes me a little longer because I have to go and license the images so they don’t get my [money] MAKES NO SENSE”.

According to the FoxNews, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson have faced similar issues. According to the copyright laws, favour goes to the photographers. Whosoever the subject may be, the person who presses the shutter owns the photograph.

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