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Chandrayaan 2: First set of Earth’s pictures shared by ISRO

First set of beautiful images of the Earth captured by Chandrayaan 2's clicked by LI4 Camera.


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Sunday released first few images of earth captured by Chandrayaan-2 as it orbits the earth. India’s second mission to the moon took off from the launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on 22 July.

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The module is revolving around the earth in an orbit of 277 x 89472 km on Sunday 4th August 2019. The images of our planet were captured on Saturday at around 5:30 pm by by LI4 Camera of Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander.

Check out the series of tweets shared by ISRO here:

“Earth as viewed by #Chandrayaan2 LI4 Camera on August 3, 2019 17:34 UT,” Isro tweeted along with the pictures.

The pictures show the earth as a beautiful blue marble with white swirls of clouds hanging over it and some shades of green and brown indicating the land surface.

Chandrayaan-2 marked ISRO’s second unmanned lunar mission and will be heading where no country has gone before – the south pole of the moon. Launched on board ‘Bahubali’ GSLV Mk III, the Rs 603-crore rover will analyse minerals, map the moon’s surface and search for water.

The 3,850-kg three-module spacecraft will be taking an elliptical orbit around the Earth. It will be aiming to land the rover on the South Pole of the moon. The Landing of the rover is scheduled to happen on September 7.

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