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Chris Hemsworth to extend his contract with MCU?!?

Chris Hemsworth to return as Thor


Chris Hemsworth, who just got more popular with the avengers Endgame has some surprises in Store. The On-screen Thor, the thunder god was seemingly over with Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Contracts signed. But we also know that he had previously said that he would love to continue with the role of Thor.

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Chris Who is now a part of Guardians of the Galaxy team has just put out his terms out clearly now. According to ‘The Hashtag Show‘, Chris Hemsworth has signed up with MCU for just two more films. There are ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 and Thor 4. The show hasn’t made any official tweet regarding the same. But the news is known to float places.

Chris Hemsworth made a dashing entry into the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe with God of Thunder with the Taika Waititi helmed Thor: Ragnarok. Then his growth went on to continue in the films like Infinity War and Endgame. Now that we have this floating news, it would be just more than perfect if it holds true. Not that the fans love his character, but also Chris Hemsworth himself has come to grow a soft corner for his role now that his contract after Avenger: Endgame was officially over.

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