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Not Brad Dourif, THIS actor has voiced Chucky’s laugh in Child’s Play Motion Poster

Chucky's laugh has been voiced by none other than Joker fame Mark Hamill.


The remake of Child’s Play is hitting the screens on June 21 this year. The makers had dropped the motion poster yesterday i.e on May 9. In the motion poster, we see Andy sleeping in his bed, and Chucky holding a knife and he gives a weird laugh wishing Andy ‘Goodnight’.

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Child’s Play reboot version will not show the doll who is possessed by the soul of a killer, but it will be a high-tech toy that starts troubling a mother and her son. Mark Hamill will be voicing the new Chucky replacing original Chucky’s voice actor Brad Dourif. This time it will be scarier than humorous.

Fans of Brad Dourif will miss his voice in Chucky but we are sure Hamill will not disappoint you. So get ready to witness more creepy laughter and acts by Chucky.

Apart from a good actor, Hamill is also a terrific voice actor. His success as the Joker in Batman series has opened doors for him and he portrayed many characters in television, film, anime, and video games. Hamill was the voice of The Hobgoblin in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series, also for Gargoyle in the animated series of The Incredible Hulk, Maximus in Fantastic Four, Klaw in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and others. He also voiced Solomon Grundy and Trickster in animated series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, Spectre in an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the list continues.

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