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Cow dung effect: Netagiri tries to topple Babugiri in Haryana


As Spiderman says, “With great power, comes great responsibilities.” Looks like Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled Manohar Lal Khattar took this message way too seriously. But wait, not for the adamant, proud and insensible MPs and MLAs; this message was conveyed to IAS officers and the officers posted at the senior level in the state government.

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In a undoubtedly stupid decision, just to show who is more powerful, the State government issued a circular which reads,  “An officer should be meticulously correct and courteous and rise to receive and see off a member of Parliament State legislature visiting him [sic]”.

Additionally, paragraph IV of the State’s guidelines for State civil servants (2011) further states that they will not only have to stand to welcome the ‘chosen representatives’ of people, but will have to ‘make all the arrangements’ to receive them, when these Parliamentarians ‘visit the officer of the Government of India, State Government or local Government’.

The circular did not stop here, in addition to other arrangements, awarding permission relating to security requirements/restrictions entry for Members’ vehicles, be also seen by the babus. Which country are we living in? I mean why such a circular?

On all sides this so called government ‘circular’ looks like an attempt to humiliate IAS-ranked officers. And guess what, State Minister Anil Vij confirms about this being released, citing reasons which are just politically motivated. The State cannot run away by saying that they had complaints from the elected legislators and Parliamentarians that bureaucrats do not give them their due respect. Come on, what more do you expect?

These bureaucrats had shed their blood and sweat, days and nights to be what they are now, and you ‘netas’, become legislators by fooling public with ‘fake’ promises. Why should you be given respect? Respect needs to be earned, it cannot be granted by power and position. Perhaps these ‘intelligent’ netas’ grandmother or grandfather never taught them. Or maybe they never respected them either.

With barely anything special left to boast about to the public, what the State government did for the welfare, these circulars are bound to come. There is an old saying in Hindi – Khali Dimag, Shaitaan Ka Ghar (empty mind, devil’s home). This saying completely goes with the latest circular.

If you believe that State government stopped at this, read on and get entertained. According to the information received, the State government issued the circular after the Central government’s – also ruled by BJP – guidelines, which in regards to a parliamentary committee report states about the violation of protocol and disrespectful behaviour of the bureaucrats with MPs and MLAs.

I mean WOW.

Along with giving respect to the MLAs/MPs, the bureaucrats will be appropriately punished if found ignoring to telephonic messages, emails, SMSs and calls – left by MLAs/MPs.

What should I comment on this? Shall I say this a welcome move to increase the co-ordination between the ‘chosen representative’ and the ‘self-made’ representatives? There are several moves that one commit during their governance period. Each government does. But this one, I would say, is the most stupid one in the recent tenure. And yes, “With great power, comes great responsibilities”, but it applies for everyone, even for ‘netas’.

Photo Credit: The Indian Express

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