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15 Cutest Dog Breeds That Will Make You Say “Awww!”

15 Cutest Dog Breeds that will bring sunshine in your life. Check the list here


There are few things in life that are cuter than dogs. They’re fluffy, soft, and playful. They also have an abundance of loyalty and charm. It’s impossible to pick favorites as every single one deserves the title of man’s best friend. Everyone has their own idea of what makes one dog cuter than the next. But here are some of the cutest dog breeds out there. From corgis and beagles to huskies and setters, these are some of the cutest dog breeds we wish we could cuddle with love.

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Here is a list of cutest dog breeds that will have you running to nearest local shelter:

1. Australian Shepherd:

Australian Shepherd are known for being smart, playful dogs. They’re also known for commonly having two different colored eyes. This is a perfect dog for a huge family.

2. Siberian Husky:

Huskies have amazing fur colorations of whites, blacks, and grays, and they often have striking blue eyes. As puppies when all their features are in a tiny package, they’re almost too cute for words.

3. Basset Hound:

Basset Hounds have a patient and low-key temperament. Those big floppy ears take their cuteness to the next level.

4. Beagle:

Beagles are incredibly friendly dogs, with those cute big puppy dog eyes. The lovable hounds like to follow their noses, occasionally right into trouble.

5. Golden Retriever:

Goldens are loyal, friendly, and amazing companions, and especially as puppies they’re the cutest of them all.

6. Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkies started off working in Victorian factories, but their gorgeous fur soon earned them a reputation in elite circles as an adorable companion.

7. Shetland Sheepdog:

Shelties love kids and cuddles.  Perfect for children

8. English Setter:

Called the “gentleman of the dog world,” the English setter is known for both its style and its strength.  The speckled pattern of their coat is known as “belton.”

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

These graceful, gentle dogs look like little princes and princesses. They’re small enough to completely wrap up in a hug.

10. Pug:

Pugs are adorable in the most non-classically adorable way. They’re wrinkly and a bit fat and they have tiny ears and often tongues that they can’t keep in their mouths and eyes that bulge from their sockets.

11. Dalmatian:

Dalmatians’ distinctive coats win hearts wherever they go. The pups only develop the spots later in life though; the litters start out completely white.

12. Portuguese Water Dog:

This breed loves water more than anything. The strong swimmers even have webbed feet!

13. Shiba Inu:

The popular doge meme caused the internet fall in love with Shiba Inus.  They are good-natured, friendly dogs with pointy ears, and noses.

14.Cocker Spaniel:

Cocker spaniels are merry dogs who love brisk walks and lots of playtimes.

15. Bearded Collie:

If you love shaggy dogs, these collies are for you. Their dreamy expression is to die for.

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