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Dakota Johnson trends as 2017 Vogue interview goes viral

Dakota Johnson trends on Twitter after Fifty Shades of Grey actress' old Vogue interview goes viral


Dakota Johnson has been trending since early morning today. The reason being an old interview of the beauty with Vogue, a snippet of that interview is viral. Everyone is busy talking about Fifty Shades of Grey star and speculating. Many are also busy interpreting the interview as Dakota’s revelation.

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So what is there in the interview to cause mayhem on social media?

In the 2017 Vogue interview, the 30-year-old actress said, “I’ve been in a phase of my life where I’m fascinated by young women coming to terms with their sexuality. I guess, by proxy, I have been experiencing that in my own life, and it’s very interesting to me.”

Later on in the interview, Dakota asked, “Can we make things really juicy? Can we say that I’m taking this time to explore my bis****lity?”

The screenshot of this quote was shared on Twitter and ever since Dakota is trending.

Check out some of the tweets shared by fans here:

Dakota has not once admitted about it. What is going around on Twitter is just assumptions by some over-eager fans.

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