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Death Stranding Holograms – Unlocking & Adding Celebrities to Structures

Here's how to add a Death Stranding hologram to something you've built


Death Stranding gives its players the chance to unlock several celebrity holograms. These holograms can be received as rewards which can later be found on bridges, generators and delivery stations. Holograms can often have their own accompanying music too. Celebrities such as Conan O’Brien, Geoff Keighley, Daichi Mira, and Junji Ito can be unlocked within the Death Stranding hologram system.

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Through this guide we are going to explain how to acquire celebrity holograms and how to use the Death Stranding customization system.

Unlocking Holograms in Death Stranding

Unlocking holograms in Death Stranding is a simple matter of completing deliveries to distribution centers and preppers around the map. Delivering goods will help players raise their reputation and unlock rewards that include the celebrity holograms. Quite a few holograms can be unlocked by forging through the main story missions but the rare ones often require delivering cargo and leveling up preppers. If players are looking to unlock a specific hologram, they can focus on completing the requirements for them first.

Death Stranding Celebrity Locations

To unlock the celebrity holograms, the first obvious step is to find where each o them is located. Players will need to go through different points of interest in the open world to accomplish this. Most of these can be found in the different distribution centers. Here we have listed the celebrities and their locations so far in the game.

  • Geoff Keighley: Ludens Fan – East of Distribution Center west of Capital Knot City.
  • Daichi Mura: Musician – Southwest of Distribution Center west of Capital Knot City. 
  • Conan O’Brien: The Wandering MC / The Cosplayer – For this players will need to pick up the Standard Delivery mission mentioning The Cosplayer in South Knot City after playing upto Episode 3. After this, head to the prepper shelter northwest of the city by clambering down the canyon between the city and the Weather Station. Once the shelter and the Chiral Network are connected, you’ll meet the Wandering MC, Conan O’Brien. He rewards the player with their very own sea Otter Hood.
  • Edgar Wright: Thomas Southerland – Distribution Center south of Lake Knot City.
  • Hermen Hulst: Craftsman – Shelter southwest of Lake Knot City during Episode 3.
  • Junji Ito: Engineer – Part of one of the main quests in the Central Region.
  • Sam Lake: Veteran Porter – Northwest of Timefall Farm during Episode 3.

Using Death Stranding Holograms

Once unlocked, players can use the holograms in Death Stranding. For this, pursue the main storyline till the wizards at Bridges offer Sam the PCC. This item lets players make their own structures like postboxes and bridges. Once made, the structures need to be upgraded to level 2 in order to be customizable. Players can then customize the structure with the structure menu. Through the menu, Music, Voice, Holograms and Rare Holograms can be added to the structure.

Adding Music & Celebrity Characters in Death Stranding

As mentioned above, to customize a structure players will need to upgrade it to level 2. To upgrade, access the structure menu and hold the Options button when standing in front of the structure. Then simply add the materials required to upgrade it. Once upgraded, go into the structure menu and select Customize Structure. Follow the menu till reaching the option of Music, Voice, Holograms and Rare Holograms. Select the customization and long press X to apply the change. Players can add both Music or hologram to the structure. Only one would be available upon approaching the structure though.

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