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How To Get First Vehicle & Charge Battery in Death Stranding

The Reverse Trike is the first vehicle offered in Death Stranding


Death Standing offers the ability to use a vehicle after players have made numerous deliveries on foot. The first vehicle on offer is the reverse trike. This is familiar to the bike players lose at the start of the game. There is a catch to using this though. The vehicle battery is dead and it will need to be recharged before use. Player will need to locate a generator for this. This guide will detail how to get the first vehicle and recharge its battery with a generator.

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First Vehicle Location

The first vehicle location is in front of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, situated in the middle of the Eastern region. Players will find the reverse trike in front of the outpost. However, the vehicle battery is empty and the ride the bike option is disabled  with a prompt that says “This bike isn’t charged, and therefore can’t be used”.

Charging Vehicle Battery

The first order of business to charge the battery of the vehicle is to get a generator. The layouts to build generators are unlocked after starting the Order no. 11-Resins Delivery: Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. In addition to the blueprints, players will also need a PCC to build the generators.

After getting a PCC go up to the motorcycle and select it from the crafting wheel. To create the generator, press down on the D-Pad till the menu appears. Select the generator. The outline will need to turn blue to successfully craft the generator. In addition, the vehicle should be inside the blue circle or all the effort will be in vain. Now all players have to do is put down the generator and wait for it to build. Once it completes, the vehicle will start to charge up. Once fully charged, players can use it to ride around the game.

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