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What are Death Stranding Signs and the best places to create them

Signs are a way of communication in Death Stranding


On surface, Death Stranding does not provide multiplayer communication. There is no direct way for two players to communicate in the game. Signs, however, do let players interact indirectly. Players can choose to leave warnings, or requests for other players through signs. Signs are also a way to garner likes and players should consider carefully before placing a sign. Within this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Death Stranding signs.

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What are Death Stranding signs?

Signs can be used within Death Stranding to communicate with other players. There are several categories within the Create Sign menu. These include Risks, Route info, Requests, Recommendations and Other. Risks sign can be used to warn others of dangers like BTs, MULEs, sheer drops etc. Route info signs can basically be used as a road map to help others find their footing. Requests and Recommendations allow players to ask for resources and structures. Everything else comes under the Other sign category.

Best Places to Create Signs

The basic purpose of signs is to procure likes and thus, sign placement is is very important. A well placed sign can accumulate hundreds to thousands of likes. Spamming signs isn’t really a good way to go about getting likes though. Players should instead put up signs that provide valuable and accurate information that will help other players out. Route shortcuts, enemy warnings, or a structure that could save time are all good examples of useful signs.

In order to leave a sign, players need only to long press L1 and then press triangle. This will allow them to choose the kind of sign they want to leave behind and write an accompanying message.

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