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Delhi air hostess jumps off terrace, brother says it’s a murder


In south Delhi’s Panchsheel park, a 32-year-old flight attendant has committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of their home. But this is what claimed by her husband where as the family of Anissia Batra, who worked with Lufthansa Airlines, said they suspect it as a murder.

Her father is a retired Major General and some few days ago he had filed a complaint with the police saying his daughter is being tortured by her husband and in-laws. If she is physically harmed, her husband and his parents should be held responsible, Major Gen (Retd) RS Batra had written in his complaint.

The probe has began and everyone including her parents are going through investigation.

Anissia Batra’s husband Mayank Singhvi told the police that he got a text message from her on Friday evening, which said she was going to take the extreme step. He was home at the time, but by the time he reached the terrace, she had jumped. He rushed her to a nearby hospital where she was declared dead on arrival, the police said.

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Her brother said just before she died she contacted them. He said, “My sister messaged us to call the police. She said Mayank had locked her in a room. ‘…because of him my life is going to go, please don’t leave him,’ she wrote. We don’t know if he pushed her or she jumped, but we have been trying to get them arrested and police aren’t helping.”

According his statement last month, his parents had to come from Chandigarh. Mayank even hit my mother. His father, who served in the Army for over four decades, filed a complaint on June 27. They had to go back because of his mother’s medical condition.

The police say they have sealed the area and locked their room, but Karan Batra alleges that “Mayank went there last night, he has a spare key… they have removed all the evidence.”

“Nobody from his family called us. Her post-mortem on Sunday was to be videographed. When we went to AIIMS, the police in charge assured us it was being done, but the doctors told us otherwise. The cops aren’t doing anything. The station house officer (SHO) isn’t listening to us,” Karan Batra said.

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