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Is Double Masking Effective In COVID-19 Outspread? Know Why Its Important

The mutant Coronavirus is said to be more vulnerable. Health officials from many countries suggested doing double masking to filter out SARS-CoV-2-sized particles present in the air


India is currently dealing with Coronavirus-led crises. Many hospitals in the country reported having a shortage of vaccines and oxygen supply. With the outspread of the second wave, the fresh COVID-19 infections have reported a rapid surge over the last month. One of the effective measures in avoiding the contract with the Coronavirus is believed to be double masking. Experts from several countries have suggested doing double masking. Here’s everything you need to know about double masking and how to wear it.

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What is double masking?

Double masking in simple terms is wearing the double masks amidst the pandemic Coronavirus outspread. Double masking is said to be an impressively effective way of stopping any virus from entering the human body through the nose. All you need is a plan cloth mask and thick surgical masks. Wear it while stepping out of the house.

How does double masking work?

To a great extend masks have been preventive measures during the outspread of the COVID-19 virus. As masks don’t allow any virus to enter the nose of the human body. Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives. The use of masks alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19. However, we can still be dependent on it. Double masking reduces the risk of getting infected as it filters out the air in a two-layered format. Coronavirus which travels through the dust particles in the air can be filtered out through double masking. Carrying a two-layered mask can surely prevent a person from getting infected.

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How to do double masking?

The SARS-CoV-2 is mainly said to be spreading through the respiratory droplets that are made when someone’s contracted the virus. When a person talks, coughs or sneezes there is a probability of the transmission of the virus. Double masking can filter respiratory droplets containing the virus at the top layer of the mask. Layering the mask properly is very important. Wear the cloth mask first and top it off with the thick/surgical mask. Some people are not comfortable in double masks as it leads to breathing challenges. Before stepping out of the house, do test if the two masks are working properly for you. Check the fit, breathing and comfort.

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