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Conor McGregor trying to get ‘easiest’ match-up for UFC return by calling out Frankie Edgar, claims Dustin Poirer

Dana White has no intentions of making the match


Dustin Poirier thinks UFC rival Conor McGregor is looking for the easiest comeback fight possible. McGregor, who hasn’t fought since his loss against Khabib Nurmagomedov, has been teasing a return before the end of the year.

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The Irishman seems to have locked on veteran fighter Frankie Edgar as his opponent. The rumour mill has been churning ever since the two exchanged tweets urging UFC president Dana White to make the clash happen.

McGregor had responded to a tweet from the UFC wishing Edgar a happy birthday by posting: “Happy birthday Frankie, see you in December.”

To which Edgar stated: “Thanks pal, I said yes already it’s on you and @danawhite to make it happen.”

McGregor then replied: “There you go White, make the bout. Give my purse to charity.”


Edgar is currently a featherweight and would have to move up the weight division to face former lightweight champion McGregor.

Poirier says that calling out Edgar, who lost his last fight against Max Halloway, is an indication that McGregor is looking for an easy comback.

‘Frankie’s a tough guy and a great champion, but I think he lost his last two fights and was planning on moving down to 135 pounds,’ he told ESPN. ‘All respect to Frankie, but it’s kind of maybe a more favourable fight, McGregor might have thought.’

However, the chances of a McGregor-Edgar face-off look bleak as UFC president Dana White stated that he has no plans to make the fight.

He said: ‘Conor loves to fight and wants to fight again, but that Frankie Edgar fight isn’t going to happen. Edgar is two weight classes below him. Edgar is in a position; he was supposed to fight Aljamain Sterling, and Aljamain fell out, got hurt. Frankie’s coming to the end of his career and he could end up getting himself into a title position again. So to take the Conor fight makes no sense.’

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