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The Rock and His Wife Lauren Reveal They Have Become ‘Even Better Listeners’ During Lockdown

Through a video message, Dwayne Johnson explained that he and Hashian have been "doing (their) best" amid the circumstances


Dwayne The Rock Johnson married Lauren in 2019 and the two have been in self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. The WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor has stated that he and his wife have become ‘even better listeners’ during the lockdown.

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He said: ‘We realized kinda quickly how critical it was for us to be ultra considerate, caring and empathetic of one another. Be even better listeners. Even better communicators. Recognize that during these times, we’re not operating at full brain and emotional intelligence capacity as we usually are. You’re gonna get snippy, short tempered and you guys may erupt at each other.’

The actor was doing a Q&A session with fans and shared a great way to stop any arguments.

‘When that happens, grab your partner by the shoulders, like I grabbed Lauren. Look them directly in the eyes and say with full [100 percent] conviction, “Baby, you’re not wrong … you’re just not used to being right” and then count the seconds it takes for you both to belly laugh your asses off.’

Dwayne Johnson had previously stated that he did not share his workout sessions on social media anymore because he did not want to upset anyone who couldn’t go to the gym.

He said: ‘I don’t post my workouts, because I’m sensitive to millions of you around the world who aren’t able to train in your local gyms and you’re stuck at home. I’d feel like an a**hole and it ain’t my style. Just know I’m working extremely hard and I want all of you to get back to working out ASAP too.’

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