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Earthquake: 7.2 Magnitude tremors struck in northeastern coast of Japan

Japan's meteorological agency has issued alerts on the expected Tsunami after strong tremors of 7.2 magnitude were felt in the northeastern coast


On Saturday i.e. March 20, the strong tremors of magnitude 7.2 struck off the northeastern coast region in Japan.  The earthquake hit during 6:09 pm (0909 GMT) in Pacific waters off Miyagi region and its depth was around 60 kilometres (37 miles), according to the Japan’s meteorological agency. The country has already issued alert mode advisories as it expects the tsunami waves might hit of the cost around one metre.

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Reportedly, the local authorities from Japan stated that the nation’s nuclear plants have not shown any abnormalities after the strong tremors struck. After the Japan government issued advisories the local railway firms have suspended its services which also includes the shinkansen bullet trains. The nation is currently on the alertmode.

According to the reports, the NHK showed the footages from inside its Sendai bureau showcasing the plaque that is suspended from the ceiling. They were shaking up for about 30 seconds after the strong tremors struck through the northern coast region. However any casualties were not reported.

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