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Elon Musk’s Two Word Tweet Post Boost’s The Stock Value Of Signal Advance

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk Has The Power To Influence Millions Of People Across The Globe. His Latest Two Word Tweet Post Gives A Rapid Boost To Stock Value Of Signal Advance


The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk enjoys a great fan following across the globe and he is known for influencing a wide range of audience with his business modules and lifestyle. One of his latest two word tweet post has given an unseen boost to the Signal Advance’ stocks, such is the power of this tech tycoon we must say.

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Apparently, the investors have become more eager in investing into Signal Advance’ stock’s after Musk’s tweet post goes viral on Twitter. The shares of this Texas based company were at 1,500% over a 24-hour period. The tweet post brought this companies market cap to $100 million from $7 million during a single stretch. This sudden boost of stock prices moving upside commenced right after Elon tweeted “Use Signal”.

It is believed that Elon didn’t shared the tweet post in order to boost the Signal Advance’ stock price, however, it was a suggestion to Twitterati to use Signal app amidst the Facebook owned WhatsApp privacy policy controversy.

For the unversed, WhatsApp is currently making headlines as many users switched to Signal and Telegram after it introduced new privacy policy. Apparently, a section has alleged WhatsApp of leaking its private group messages to a search engine and thus, netizens were trending on social media about quitting the use of application. We believe what Musk would have referred to was the messaging app ‘Signal’ as an alternative to WhatsApp. However, he is yet to comment on unknowingly boosting the stock value of Signal Advance.

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