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Exclusive: Kolkata Nagerbazar blast victim Bibhash Das won’t celebrate any more birthdays


It was just like any other day for young Bibhash. Holding his mother’s hand, he had gone to visit the sweet shop to fetch some as a part of his post-birthday celebrations but destiny had something else, planted right beside him, a few metres away.

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 It was 9:05 am in the morning when the bomb blast at Nagerbazar took place. In a first of its kind, it was carried out using IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and it indeed left an indelible mark -at least on the Ghosh family. Many in the surroundings claimed that he died on the spot while some said that he passed away at the SSKM hospital. What stands at the end is this-he won’t live to see another day. His mother Sita Ghosh, who was with him at the shop gave up her life in the evening at the end of a day’s battle.

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The Live Mirror talked to the family who had employed Sita as their maid. The shocked family revealed that the kid had just celebrated his eighth birthday.

“He had his eighth birthday just three days ago. His mother, popularly known to all as ‘Basanti’ used to work at our house and her kid was very adorable and not naughty like other kids. He was loved by us all,” said Biswanath Pal, who was called ‘mama’ by Sita.

His wife, standing beside him added that the kid had just bought his new clothes with the Pujas kicking in.

“It was just yesterday that he got his new clothes for the Puja and was very excitedly telling about it to everyone,” a look of gloom dawned over her face with a sarcastic smile, perhaps at the unpredictability of human life.

 As of now, it is just the Bibhash and his mother who are ones whose lives were claimed. Approximately, 20 people still remain injured.


Image credit-Sangbad Pratidin

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