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Scoop to Batty-10 Most Expensive And Cute Beanie Babies 

Check out the list of 10 most adorable Beanie Babies and their value in the market


Every ’90 kid would relate to that feeling of collecting the Beanie Babies. But, what’s so special about them? The plush soft toys were launched in the year 1993 and they went on to become of the memorable fads of the decade. The founder, Ty Warne had created these little stuffed animal toys with plastic pellets and he had a small business in Chicago suburb. Soon, these Beanies went on to become the sensation for every normal kid. Here, we bring you a list of the most expensive Beanie Babies.


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List Of Most Expensive Beanie Babies


10. Claude the Crab- $75,000.00

The cute and colorful crustacean, Claude the crab was made in the year 1997. This soft toy is made from a blue, green and orange tie-dyed material that has the white underside. It has black button eyes and two black thread antennae. These cute crabs are sold online for a whopping price tag of $75,000.

Claude The Crab

9. Bubbles -$89,000.00

The attractive, Bubbles was released in the year 1996, they went on to become one of the most popular Beanie Baby. Originally, it had a different appearance. However, changes were made as per the errors in its looks. The third generation Bubbles has the wrong color thread through its mouth and the fourth generation Bubbles has incorrect tush tags. These errors and it’s corrections made the Bubbles quite popular and expensive. The soft toy can be purchased online for $89,000.


8.  Large Peking, Fortune & China- $98,000.00

The Perking Beanie Baby was the first Panda ever made by Ty. He was said to be retired after making these Panda for six years. The Panda’s are known for its cuteness and these Beanie Baby toys surely make us feel wanting one. The Large Peking Panda can be purchased online for $98,000. 

Peking Panda

7. Valentino- $100,000.00

This snow-white beauty is probably the most elegant looking Beanie Baby of all time. The Valentino the bear is usually given to express their love towards someone. These adorable bear with a heart symbol on it are too expensive. They are sold online for $100,000.



6. Scoop- $100,000.00

The bright and adorable Pelican Bird Beanie can make you fall in love for it’s cuteness. It was created in the year, 1996. The Scoops are made with fabric and crunch. These cuties can be purchased online for $100,000.

5. Batty- $139,999.99

Talk about Bats and you will surely not like it. But, this cute brown Batty will surely melt your heart. The Batty Beanie Baby was created less in numbers and thus these soft toys are sold for a whopping price tag, i.e  $139,999. 

4. Patti the Platypus-$14,995.00

The Patti is one among the list of original Beanie Babies. These soft toys were created in 1993 and it was initially in the magenta color. However, the makers started making these toys with little variations in terms of its color and appearences. These cuties are sold online for $14,995


3. Blackie the Bear- $250,000.00

Black the bear Beanie Babies are one of the most expensive soft toys ever. These dark black colored stuffed toys make you fall in love. The star on tush tag was originally misspelled as ‘ORIGIINAL’ on the front tag and the surface was misspelled as ‘SUFACE’ on the back of tags. And that’s how these rare Blackie become popular. Blackie the bear is hard to find and they are sold for a whopping sum of $250,000. 

Black Bear

2. Princess Bear- $665,000.00


The Princes Bear Beanie babies were created in 1997 and these have always been rarest soft toys ever. It’s dark purple in colors and the rumor soon spread after its release that the limited-edition item would only be sold in small quantities. The bear quickly became a fan favorite and expensive at the same time. The Princes Bear can be purchased online for $665,000. 

Princes Bear


1. Large Wallace and His Squad- $660,000.00

The beautiful large-sized Wallace and his squad are rare to find. The Beanie Babies-Wallaces, Cashew, and Huggy, surely look charming and chrishmatic, These are the most expensive Beanie Baby ever.

Beanie Baby Wallace

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