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Filter Coffee Benefits: Drinking 3 cups of coffee may keep diabetes at bay; find out how

If you are a coffee lover then rejoice as it can reduce risk of type-2 diabetes.


Coffee lovers can now rejoice as drinking 3 cups of coffee may keep diabetes at bay. In fact, if you ever happen to be one of those individuals who cannot live without their daily fix of caffeine then this is actually in a way good news for you.

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According to a recent study published in the journal of Internal Medicine, drinking 3 cups of filter coffee might help in reducing the specific risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Also, the researchers discovered that this revelation is valid for filtered coffee and not with the boiled coffee.

Moreover, the study offers some new insight into this particular connection and depicts that the choice of preparation method indeed influences the health effects of coffee. Furthermore, the findings of the study suggest that people who drank about two to three cups of filtered coffee a day had about a 60 per cent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes than the people who drank less than one cup of filtered coffee a day.

As per several former studies, boiled coffee is quite frequently claimed to be infamous only for its ability to increase the risk of heart and vascular diseases as due to the presence of diterpenes. Besides this, the accurate study also disclosed that the heath effects of coffee do not entirely depend on whether it is filtered or not.

There are other factors such as how the coffee beans are as well as the drink in general that also come into play. It appears this a happy news for all the filtered coffee lovers.

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