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Iran: Flash Floods Kill 19, Injure Dozens During Persian New Year Holiday

Watch Videos: Devastating flash floods Hit in Southern Iran kill at least 19, dozens injured


The flash flood in Iran killed at least 19 people and injured several when it hit the southern region during the Persian New Year celebration. Due to torrential rain, over a very short time, the flash flood caused the flooding of a highway between Shiraz and Esfahan, CNN reported.

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According to reports, among 31 provinces in Iran, in the 26 provinces, authorities have issued a warning owing to incessant rain in the country, which is accustomed to drought. Fearing of the rising water, villages which are located close to rivers and dams have been evacuated.

The authorities have also warned saying that there is a possibility of flood in the capital of Iran, Tehran as well as in the oil-rich southern province of Khuzestan in the next 48 hours.

There are several videos of Iran flash flood have made their ways on social media showing people holding on to lamp posts in an attempt to avoid being swept away by the deluge. In the videos, Cars and other vehicles are seen being dragged away by the gushing water.

Watch: Iran Flash Floods Videos here:

A storm system reportedly delivered a month’s worth of rainfall in a few hours, causing the flash flooding. The funneling effect, a phenomenon where “winds tend to increase in speed as they squeeze through narrow valleys”, may have intensified the devastating effect of the deluge.

“Flooding is under control and rescue teams have been deployed to the worst-hit areas,” Fars province Governor Enayatollah Rahimi told BBC. The judiciary in Iran has said that the government’s handling of the disaster was being investigated.

“Any shortcomings regarding the handling of the floods, failure to provide relief and aid to the survivors will be investigated,” judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi was quoted as saying by the Mizan news agency.

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