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27 Game of Thrones Filming Locations In Real Life

Here are 27 best and most beautiful places from Game of Thrones around the world. we've shortlisted the scenes from GoT where it was filmed in real life.


‘Game of Thrones’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular television series in history. This American fantasy drama has always been in the news for its picturesque locations which have sparked a tourism boom everywhere where it was filmed. Ahead of ‘Game of Thrones’ final season, a die-hard fan took to Instagram and shared series of pictures on her Instagram account,  where GoT is filmed across the country.

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Yes, we are talking about Germany based travel blogger Andrea David, who travelled from Croatia to Ireland to click the exact locations, where GoT was picturized. If you are among the ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, you must know how widely producers have chosen the places to shoot to grab your attention. According to reports, the TV serials was shot almost eight different countries across the globe.

If you are a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones and want to explore all the places where GoT was shot, we have pictures of the best and picturesque places from the GoT.

Game of Thrones Shooting Locations

1. Playa De Itzurun, Zumaia:

Welcome to Dragonstone! Khaleesi & the gang and a stunning shooting location in the Basque Country (swipe for short video).


2. Playa De Itzurun, Zumaia (Game of Thrones Filming location) :

This is a place where Ser Jorah Mormont came and tells Danerys “I return to your service, my queen.“ Who also thinks this is heartbreaking?

3. Gaztelugache:

We have finally spotted the stairs of Dragonstone! Another amazing place in the Basque Country.

4. Playa De Muriola:

This is a place where Davos and Tyrion sneaked into King’s Landing.

5. Girona, Spain:

Valar Morghulis! Still, Just a few days left for the next season. Do you have any favourite Game of Thrones scene with Arya?

6. Girona, Spain (Game of Thrones Filming location):

Yet another Braavos location in Girona with a character that might me be not really missed in the ‘Game of Thrones’.

7. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

How can we forget this place from Games of Thrones?


8. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Another gate, another character, but the same city: Tyrion Lannister in Ulica od Rupa, Dubrovnik. He is still one of my favourite “Game of Thrones” characters! Tell us your’s in the comment section below.

9. Park Gradac:

The Purple Wedding in “Game of Thrones” was shot in Dubrovnik. The exact location in Park Gradac is not easy to recognize as they had to build the whole setting for the scene here.

10. Is-Siggiewi, Malta (Game of Thrones Filming location):

A long time back, when you didn’t have to care about Dragons, White Walkers or Cersei.

11. Audley Castle Hill:

One year ago on the tracks of the Starks…

12. Trsteno Arboretum:

King’s Landing in the summertime.

13. Gozo, Azure Window:

A throwback to Daenerys wedding with Khal Drogo in Essos, actually Gozo, Malta.

14. Girona, Spain:

A Girl has no name.

15. Ballintoy:

Scene framing Theon at Ballintoy Harbour.

16. Carnlough (Game of Thrones Filming location):

Arya escapes by jumping into the river, surfaces and crawls up to the steps of Braavos. This scene was shot in Carnlogh, Northern Ireland.

17. Larrybane Quarry:

Strong women at the coast: Catelyn Stark and Brienne of Tarth. Filmed in Larrybane, Northern Ireland.

18. Tollymore Forest Park:

A dire wolf pup for Jon Snow in Tollymore Forest.

19. Cushendun Caves:

Ser Davos smuggles Melisandre ashore to a cove where she gives birth to the shadow creature… Filming location is Cushendun Caves in Northern Ireland.

20. Minčeta Fortress:

21. Dubrovnik, Croatia (Game of Thrones Filming location):

Game of Thrones sets on almost every corner in Dubrovnik.

22. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

When she was asked to take off her clothes.

23. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

“I drink and I know things.” Tyrion Lannister – Congrats to “Game of Thrones” for 12 Emmys!

24.Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Hi from King’s Landing! At the Western Harbour in Dubrovnik Littlefinger and Sanza had a chat.

25. Northern Ireland (Game of Thrones Filming location):

These are some iconic locations like Winterfell and Castle Black in Northern Ireland. Swipe right to see more.

26. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

27. The Dark Hedges:

This place Dark Hedges is visited by many tourists because it’s one of the numerous filming locations of the tv series in Northern Ireland.

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