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Game Of Thrones 8: Did Bran Warg into Daenerys dragon in Episode 5?

Was it Bran and not Daenerys who burned King's Landing in GOT 8, episode 5?


The much popular American Television series Game Of Thrones season 8 is in news these days. Fans are discussing not only the episodes but also about their favorite characters. But there has been a general discontent growing among the die-hard fans as each episode of season 8 unfolded. Episode 5 left fans in a shock as their favorite Daenerys turned into a mad queen wreaking havoc over Kings Landing.

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In the recently concluded episode of season eight, the Dragon Mother is seen burning down King’s Landing in a major twist that left many with a sour taste in their mouth. However, a new theory presented on YouTube by the channel name Fire and Blood, suggests that not Dany, but Bran Stark aka the three-eyed raven did it.

Check out the video here:

The video reveals that during the Bells scene, Dany is seen moving towards Red Keep as she aims to kill Cersei Lannister as she had killed Missandei. But to the shock of many as Dany flies towards the Red Keep he starts breathing fire on innocent people. Fans noticed that all through the killing we never get to see Danerys on the dragon.

As per the theory, Bran who is an expert in warging got inside Drogon and caused the wreckage. The latest theory also suggests that Bran is trying to create a rift between Jon and Dany, thus enabling Jon to kill the love of his life (also his aunt) for hurting innocent people.

Another theory suggests that the white horse that comes to help Arya Stark after the destruction was sent by Bran to save his sister. Many fans believe the Three-Eyed Raven had warged into the horse and rode into the city to find Arya.

The final episode airs next week and will put to rest all the burning questions and theories.

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