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“Government ready to talk if Pakistan shows initiative” says Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh

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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh stated that India is not against to talk with Pakistan but Islamabad should also “take some initiative” and demonstrate its intent by stopping penetrating attempts and coming ahead to “jointly launch action” against terrorists.
Whereas he admitted that measures to reinstate normalcy in Kashmir, through initiatives like the appointment of an interlocutor, have not had the desired results, Singh said the government was committed to reinstating peace and may extend the cessation of shooting in Kashmir after Ramzan “if the situation remains peaceful”.
“If Pakistan is ready to talk, why won’t we talk? We want to have good relations with our neighbor. But even the neighbor will have to take some initiative. Pakistan is firing at our borders, indulging in ceasefire violations. It is trying to penetrate terrorists. It is not mending its ways. But it will have to (mend its ways) one day,” Singh said in an interview.
“During Ramzan, we have announced the suspension of operation. But you are indulging in the cessation of shooting. You don’t want that our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir should get an opportunity to have a peaceful Ramzan… It shows your intentions. Pakistan has no sympathy for Kashmiris. If they had any sympathy, they would have welcomed our move. This is something even the people of Kashmir should understand. Pakistan treats Kashmiris as its tools,” he said.
Saying that Islamabad should demonstrate that it is willing to talk, he said: “Pakistan should stop pushing in terrorists… make a public statement (on talks). They keep saying we are not doing this. If it is so, let’s come together and jointly launch action against these terrorists. If they have the intent and honesty, they should do this.”

Picture credits: Free Press Journal