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Happy Ram Navami 2021: Know everything from Puja Vidhi, Samagri list and Muhurat

Today marks the celebrations of Ram Navami (birth anniversary of Lord Ram). Know everything about Puja Vidhi, Samagri List to Mahurat


Today marks the auspicious day of Lord Ram’s birth anniversary.  Every year the celebrations are observed on Navami tithi of Chaitra month Shukla paksha. It is on this day, Lord Rama was born to king Dashrath and Kaushalya. This year’s celebrations fall on April 21. Devotees offer prayers to the lord, observe fasting and host celebratory pujas at their homes. Here’s everything you need to know about Ram Navami, Puja Vidhi, Samagri List and Muhurat.

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Everything about Ram Navami Puja:

Time(Puja Mahurat):

Ram Navami tithi will begin at 12:43 am on April 21 and will end at 12:35 am on April 22. The puja is specifically performed during the Madhayhna period (middle of the day) because Lord Ram is said to have born during this period.

Puja Ingredients (Samagri List)

  • Flowers
  • Turmeric
  • Wooden chowki
  • Piece of new yellow cloth 
  • Idol or Lord Ram’s photo
  • Water in a Kalash
  • Sandalwood stick
  • Kumkum
  • Uncooked Rice or Akshat
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Fruits
  • Kalava
  • Janeu (sacred thread)
  • Coconut
  • Paan, supari
  • Diya(organic lamp)
  • Oil or ghee
  • Cotton wicks
  • Camphor
  • Panchamrit: Banana, ghee, curd, honey and raw milk

How to perform puja on Ram Navami (Puja Vidhi)?

On the occasion of Ram Navami, devotees wake up early in the morning and dress up in new clothes. Devotees also observe a day-long fast (specifically from sunrise to sunset). Start off with decorating Lord Ram’s photo or idol. Offer new yellow clothes, flowers. Offer water to the deity’s feet. Subsequently, offer Kalava, Janeu, Turmeric, Chandan, Kumkum, Fruits, Tulsi leaves, Coconut, Paan, Supari and lastly Panchamrit. Keep all these things in front of the idol.  The Puja starts with offering prayers to Lord Ganesh because in the Hindu religion every puja in begins with Lord Ganeshji’s puja.

After invoking Lord Ganesha, begin with Shri Ram’s puja. Light up an oil or ghee lamp and perform the aarti. Follow this by doing Padya. Start the rituals by doing a Dhyanam (meditation and chanting of mantras). Start singing the Bajans. Seek Lord’s blessings.

On the occasion of Ram Navami today celebs such as Akshay Kumar and Mahesh Babu shared warm wishes on social media:

Happy Ram Navami!

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