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HC tells student: Have mercy on court, don’t become an engineer


Haven’t we all heard those witty one-liners regarding engineers who spend day and night reading books. Even a Bollywood blockbuster hit, ‘3 Idiots’ also depicted the plight of Indian engineers who tackle college and family pressure simultaneously.

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For those who are feeling bad about themselves for not being able to ace their exams, here is a case in point, this student might give you a respite from your engineering blues. If reports are to be believed, the Punjab and Haryana High Court have asked a National Institute of Technology (NIT) Kurukshetra engineering student to stop pursuing his engineering course which he apparently started nine years ago.

The concerned student, belongs to the B.Tech batch of 2009 had filed a petition in front of the court seeking mercy for not having cleared exams and has 17 compartments left to his name, as reported in the Hindi daily, Amar Ujala.

The student’s record of 17 compartments, left the court stupefied. And in response to his mercy request, the court responded by saying, “Please have mercy on this court and do not apply for an appeal and have mercy on this country and do not become an engineer.”

Apparently, after being enrolled in a B.Tech course for four years, the student was given another four years to clear his compartments. When the petitioner was presented in front of Chief Justice Krishna Murari, the judge apprehended the student saying that he had wasted valuable time of the court and pointed out that how much money had been spent on that particular seat held by the engineering student.

Also, the court further added when the student wasn’t able to complete his engineering in nine years how will he clear 17 compartments in one go. At the end, the Court advised the student to take up any other profession be it law but not to pursue engineering any further.

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