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10 Home remedies for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Here are remedies for you if you constantly suffer from Heartburn and Acid Reflux


Whenever you eat something heavy, you must have been familiar with the feeling of your heart being on fire, well this is bad news as it is heartburn. There will be a feeling of having burning sensation in your throat and most likely chest, a little hiccup. Heart burn which is at times also known as Acid indigestion can be very intolerable. This burning inflammation occurs in the middle of chest or the upper part of stomach and can spread to all parts of the body. Even if it happens to you occasionally or frequently, we present you some tips to get instant relief.

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Home Remedies for heartburn that will give you instant results

1. Start wearing loose clothes

loose clothes
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So what exactly causes heartburn? Well, there’s a muscle right at the entrance of your stomach also known as lower esophageal sphincter (LES), that is like an entrance gate which actually opens to let the food enter from your esophagus to stomach and it shuts to stop food and acid to exit. But when the Les opens quite often, this means that stomach acid can escalate and rise to the esophagus which will give you a burning feeling. However, at times this heart burn feeling may also arise due to wearing extremely tight clothes. And it is this tightness of clothing that may compress your stomach. In this case immediately wear loose kind of clothing and be comfortable in your skin.

2. Soothe that pain with Ginger

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Ginger one of the best heartburn home remedy and have always considered as a herbal remedy rather than just a spice. This tonic has alleviated and solved a lot of issues like nausea, headache and many more. So some also believe that trying ginger may relieve heartburn as well. Try adding ginger diced, chopped or grated into your soups, tea, stir-fry recipes and other meals. If you need effective relief from Heartburn, go for ginger tea bags in boiled water. Ginger comes in one of the best home remedies for curing heart burn. Try and avoid ginger ale as carbonated things only worsen health more instead of improving it.

3. Try Licorice supplements


It is believed that licorice supplement is also a remedy to treat heart burn. It can help increase the mucous coating of esophageal lining that can protect esophagus from the increasing damage that may be caused by the stomach acid. However, be warned don’t self prescribe licorice supplements, always consult your doctor before taking licorice supplement.

4. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum
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Try eating chewing to see for yourself if it helps you and give relief from heartburn. For some it has worked and been an instant relief from heartburn and acid reflux. If it has been effective for few, it could work for you as well. There’s never been any harm in trying who knows if it turns out as an antidote for you.

5. Try standing straight

straight posture
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There might be a problem with your posture. Sometimes if we don’t focus on our posture, we might cause troubles related to our health. In case when you know you are more often then not suffering from heartburn, you should check your posture. Try standing up straight instead of sitting or lying down. This trick might work successfully than you think as when you stand you put less pressure on your Les.

6. Baking Soda with water

Baking soda

Try baking soda with water and see results in few minutes as you see your heartburn disappear in a jiffy. Baking soda can be soothing for your stomach as it neutralizes stomach acid effectively. In a glass of water, dissolve baking soda and drink it sip by sip. In heartburn, it’s important that you drink liquids slowly instead of rapidly. Baking soda can serve as the best home remedy as it gives definite result within minutes. Avoid taking it without getting it consulted with doctor.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Just like Baking soda with water, some people also believe that sipping apple cider vinegar could also benefit them from reliving from heart burn. They believe that it also neutralizes stomach acid. If you ever decide to go for this home remedy, drink apple cider vinegar by diluting it into water and make sure to have it after your meal.

8. Over the counter heartburn medication


When it comes to over the counter heartburn medications there are ample of it. In this case, these medicines come in three categories: H2 blockers, antacids and proton pump inhibitors (PPis). Usually, antacids taken neutralizes stomach acid whereas PPis and H2 blockers can prevent symptoms related to heartburn.

9. Avoid Cigarette Smoking

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Smoking is something that we all are aware of how it is bad for our health. Smokers already have a very big risk of having a heartburn. So they must avoid smoking at any cost if they don’t want to suffer heartburn. Smoking cigarette will not make the burning feeling die down rather it could only increase it.

10. Ditch the Takeaway

ditch takeaway

It is very important to modify lifestyle changes. Only taking medications and doing some dietary changes may not drastically bring improvements especially when you are having heartburn that triggers every now and then. These simple home remedies may give temporary relief but to have a permanent relief make sure you avoid eating spicy food and oily food, avoid lying down immediately after eating, there should be a break of at least 3 hours before sleeping as you have finished your meal and last but not the least, maintaining a healthy weight. All these minor yet significant changes may not give you result instantly but later on for a lifetime.

If all these home remedies don’t work, do consult your doctor immediately to get the necessary treatment and medications required for the heartburn and acid reflux.

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