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How to cancel food order on Zomato: Step-by-step guide

Have you been looking for ways to cancel your Zomato food order? Here's a complete guide how you can cancel any order and seek refund within 5-7 days. Also, know other details related to an order executed through Zomato app


As per the experts from the business sector, the food delivery industry witnessed a boom like never before, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. There are many food giants in India offering the services of food delivery through online orders, however, the leading players include Swiggy and Zomato. These companies have not only expanded their business in the food delivery industry, but have also acquired a great brand value over the period of last few years. Here in this article we take you through details of how to cancel an order on Zomato to get the refunds.

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Check out steps to cancel a Zomato order:

Here’s how to cancel Zomato order through mobile phone:

  1. First up open the Zomato application from your phone (should be logged in)
  2. Then click on the account option at the bottom right side
  3. Now tap on your orders section to see the delivery status
  4. The page will show you the list of food you ordered recently
  5. Tap on the order that you want to cancel and view its summary
  6. The order summary page will display a customer care number at the bottom
  7. Note down the number to call and ask for order cancellation
  8. You can request the delivery guy to cancel the order or you can also chat with them

How to cancel Zomato Food order, step by step guide zomato cancellation, refund zomato

If there’s no number displayed on the summary page or if there are tech errors while connecting to the delivery guy,  you can follow another method of order cancellation on Zomato.

  1. The Order summary page shows up support option at the top right corner
  2. Click on the option to open the chats, then select the order that you are expecting to be cancelled
  3. Then the page will again ask you to confirm for order cancellation, click on the option-I want to cancel my order
  4. Next up choose one of the reasons displayed on the page for cancellation
  5. Then follow the further instructions
  6. Make sure to cancel the order within 5-20 mins of order. Often the delivery executives steps out with food items for the delivery which is usually delivered in 1-2 hours of order

How to cancel Zomato Food order, step by step guide zomato cancellation, refund zomato

How to get refund after order cancel on Zomato:

After your order is successfully cancelled, the customer becomes eligible to seek the refund amount. The money will be credited back to the same account, which was used for order execution. The refund process might take around 5-7 days and Zomato will also notify customer about the same. For those who do not receive the refund money within one weeks time, they can chat with Zomato through the application or try to connect with the customer service department to raise the complaint. The support department works to solve customer issues.

Does Zomato charges for food order cancellation?

Once your order gets confirmed by the restaurant, the user might not be able to cancel their order in some cases. In case if the restaurant (for few food items) allows the customers to cancel their order, then you would have to pay the charges for cancellation of order, this might be up to a few percentage as per the order amount.

How to cancel Zomato Food order, step by step guide zomato cancellation, refund zomato

Step-by-step guide to order food on Zomato app:

  1. Make sure to be logged in to your Zomato account with verified phone number and  Email ID
  2. Once you open the account, start by searching for restaurants which have good ratings and reviews
  3. Once you finalise the restaurant, start choosing items for order execution
  4. Go through the menu of the restaurant, know the price tags and add them in your cart accordingly
  5. After you add all the desired food items to your cart(as per your budget), the page will display the grand total of the items
  6. User can also drop cooking instructions to the restaurants they are ordering from to notify if they are allergic to any of the ingredients/spices. Customer can also notify their preference of low/high spices in food
  7. Next step is to select the address for the delivery. Make sure to add address correctly and without spelling mistakes. Add land mark and correct postal number
  8. There are different payment options available such as COD (Cash On Delivery), Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Payment methods such as Gpay, UPI etc. Select any one of the option from the list
  9. Next execute the order by clicking on the order option
  10. Customers can cancel the order if they wish to and seek refund for the same. However, make sure to know about refund policy of the restaurant on Zomato.
  11. Also, customers get a contact number of the delivery executive, who can assist them with the expected time of delivery.

How to cancel Zomato Food order, step by step guide zomato cancellation, refund zomato

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