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How To Treat Monsoon Ailments: Seven Simple Organic Home Remedies 

Monsoon is associated with good as well as bad things. Alongside the beautiful changes in nature, we all end up dealing with common ailments such as cold, headache, bloating, running nose and other serious ailments. Monsoon also triggers serious health issues such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis. Here check out easy simple home remedies to treat common health issues at home with organic ingredients


Government, as well as private sector hospitals, are overwhelmed due to the pandemic Coronavirus outspread in India. The monsoons have started and with the beginning of this season, there are challenges of common health issues such as cold, headache, gastroenteritis, bloating, running nose and sore throat which can be treated with home remedies. There are also different ailments such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis including few others, which need to be paid instant medical attention. During this season the immune system is compromised as there are elevated risks of getting contracted with water-borne diseases. Rainwater gets stagnant during the monsoon season which serves as a breeding place for mosquitoes and other organisms which ultimately results in increasing monsoon ailments. Thankfully our ancestors have passed on the tradition of using organic homemade remedies when it comes to treating seasonal ailments. Every other Indian mother or grandmother would know about these home remedies. Here we take you through seven simple organic homes remedies to treat common health issues during the rainy season.

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Organic home remedies for monsoon ailments:

Lemon And Honey Tea: 

Lemon is filled with a great number of antioxidants and it has great health benefits. It is used for treating many ailments such as sore throat and chest congestion including others. It is also suggested by many diet experts as it is one of the top remedies for reducing belly fats. Honey on the other side is effective in problems related to the immune system. Just squeeze half a lemon in a mug of warm water and add 1-2 tsp of honey. Don’t use extremely hot water for the mixture, mildly hot or warm temperature is effective.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea

Neem Tea: 

Since ancient times, Neem leaves are being used for their antibacterial properties. They can be very helpful in curing dengue fever and many other types of monsoon ailments. All you need to do, take Neem leaves and add them to water. Give this brew to the kids or other family members suffering from dengue. Neem leaves help in boosting the immune system. It also increases the blood platelet and white blood cells in the body. You can add little honey to it for better taste.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea

Turmeric Milk:

Adding turmeric to milk is one of the ancient home remedies. People have been using it to treat the common colds and other monsoon ailments. Take a glass of warm milk and add 1-2 tsp of turmeric powder. Mix the milk nicely and give it to the person suffering from the initial stages of common cold or weakness. Just mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric in 2 cups of warm milk. Drink the milk in warm condition for quick relief.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea , Turmeric Milk

Ginger Tea:  

Ginger is very effective in giving instant relief from running nose. Ginger tea has many health benefits when consumed in moderate amounts. Take fresh ginger roots, crush them or cut in thin slices. Add these slices into a cup of boiling water. Once the boiling water changes its color, take it out in a cup. Once the water cools down to a little temperature, add 1-2 tsp of honey. Consume this drink twice a day for a few days. This tea is known for having great antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and properties.  One can also use ginger tea for treating gastroenteritis.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea , Turmeric Milk, Ginger Tea

Honey In Warm Water:

Honey has its own health benefits when consumed as per correct methods. Drinking honey with warm water too has many health benefits and it can give instant relief from weakness and cough. All you need to do is drink warm lemon water mixed with honey. This drink also treats the sore throat issue. Make sure that you don’t add honey to extremely hot water. The mild warm temperature of the water is suggested, mixing honey with extremely hot water can damage its nutritional properties.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea , Turmeric Milk, Ginger Tea, Honey In Warm Water

Basil Tea: 

Holy basil is an excellent remedy for cough, sore throat, gives relief from weakness and reduces inflammation of the chest. It also helps in expectorating the mucus. The easiest way of boosting the immune system during monsoon is by having 1-2 cups of Tulsi (Basil) leaves for few days whenever. Drink this while suffering from cold or above mentioned health issues. Place 5-8 Basil leaves into normal tea or warm water with honey and consume twice a day. You can also pour the boiling water over the leaves, and then cover the top of the cup with a saucer or lid. Steep the fresh basil for 7 to 10 minutes. Sweeten the tea with sugar, honey or agave to taste.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea , Turmeric Milk, Ginger Tea, Honey In Warm Water, Basil Tea

Cloves In Tea:

Cloves are known for boosting the immune system to a few extend. It helps in fighting a sore throat, cough, cold, headache, indigestion and common other problems. Cloves tea is highly effective when consumed during monsoon in moderate conditions. All you need to do is grind one tablespoon of whole cloves, in a pan, add a cup of water, then add the cloves. Bring this water to a boil and let it steep for 3-4 mins. Once the mixture cools down, strain and serve. You can also add the cloves to the normal milk tea.

How To Make Monsoon Home Remedies, Lemon Honey Tea , Turmeric Milk, Ginger Tea, Honey In Warm Water, Basil Tea, Cloves In Tea

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