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Iconic BTS Moments You Did Not Notice During Billboard Music Awards 2019 – Watch

Billboard Music Awards 2019: Here are some Adorable and iconic BTS moments you missed


Bangton Boy, which is popular known as BTS, is a seven member South Korean boy band formed in 2013. The BTS along with Hasley set the stage on fire at Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) 2019, which was held on May 1 at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The popular band group BTS has won Top Duo/Group and Top Social Artiste at the Billboard Awards.

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You must have seen the steller performance of BTS along with Hasley but there are other coolest, funniest and iconic moments or behind the scenes videos you may have missed. The BTS band looked dapper during BBMAs. We have enlisted some of the best BTS moments you should not miss.

Iconic BTS Moment You Missed During Billboard Music Awards 2019

1. BTS Group Hugs each other when they won Top Duo/Group

When the Korean Band was announced the top Duo/Group award, the boys immediately jumped to their feet. They all were shocked. Following the announcement, they all hugged each other and their happiness was not only limited to themselves, it was also celebrated by their millions of fans as well. A user took to Twitter and wrote: “LOOK AT THEIR SMILES AND GROUP HUGS!!! THEY’RE JUST SO PRECIOUS.”  Priyanka Chopra Kisses Nick Jonas During Live Performance At Billboard Music Awards 2019

2. Speech About Achieving Their Dream

BTS fans were overwhelmingly moved by what RM said while delivering group’s speech accepting their award. He can be heard saying, “We’re still the same boys from 6 years ago. We still have the same dreams, we still have the same thoughts. Let’s keep dreaming the best dreams together.” The win itself also was historic, as one fan noted, “FIRST KOREAN ACT TO WIN TOP DUO/GROUP. BTS!”

3. Tye Sheridan Waiting in a Queue to Meet BTS

Not only common people but also celebrities across the world got to express their fandom for the Korean band. At Billboard Music Awards 2019, BTS found themselves in the middle of bunch of celebrities including Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and Dark Phoenix star Tye Sheridan. Yes, in the video, Tye Sheridan can be seen standing in a queue to click a selfie with BTS band but he was blocked by Sophie Turner.

4. Joe Jonas Appreciates BTS

Apart from taking a selfie with BTS, Joe Jonas, one of Jonas Brothers singers, took a minute to a sing directly to the group during their own medley of past and current songs. In the video, Joe Jonas can be seen leaning his mic towards BTS while performing at “Cake By the Ocean.” He went on and took to Twitter and wrote: “BTS By The Ocean.”

5. BTS Praising and Encouraging V About His English

During BBMA red carpet interview, V had spoken about a few words in English about the group’s performance and the successful year they had. V was encouraged by his band members, including RM. “Every moment is a precious memory,” V said. “We’re so happy we can be a part of this with our fans.” Fans didn’t take his bilingual statement lightly. “Finally Taehyung said his line in English,” an impressed fan wrote on Twitter.

6. The Arrival of “Eatjin”

Yet another iconic moment happened at the Billboard Music Awards 2019 when camera caught Jin munching on some snacks during the ceremony. It’s long, OK! As a fan put it, “So Eatjin really happened on BBMAs and got caught on camera! legend behavior.”

7. What’s happening here

During the red carpet event, the BTS band was in their casual attire. However, there are some pictures of adorable mements between Jimin and Jungkook are doing the rounds on social media. In another picture, Jungkook is seen kneeling on the ground while Jimin puts his hand on his shoulder.

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