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Instagram Reels: Create, Watch, And Save 15-Second Short Videos On Android, iOS

With TikTok being banned in India, Instagram Reels


Instagram is now replacing the void left by TikTok with a new feature that allows users to create 15-second short videos and post them with effects, filters, and more. If you want to know how you can make, watch, and save videos on Instagram Reels here’s a quick guide:

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How to make Instagram Reels on Android, iOS?

The Instagram stories section has been overhauled to accommodate three sections: Live for live videos, Story for Instagram Stories, and Reels for Instagram Reels.

Open the Instagram app on Android or iOS

  • Tap on the camera icon (for Stories) situated in the top left corner
  • There are now three options: Live, Story, and Reels.
  • Select the Reels option
  • To start recording the 15-second short video, long-press the shutter button in the middle (with a movie symbol on it), and once 15 seconds are over, the video will stop recording.
  • There are four options to add effects, audio, or more. From the top, there is an option to add audio, the option to adjust the video speed (from slow-motion to fast forward), the option to add various effects that will show next to the shutter button at the bottom, and the option set a timer.
  • Tap on the next icon in the bottom right corner. You will now get an option to add hashtags and a caption, the option to share it as Reels or as Stories, and the option to share it on feed too as it will appear in the Reels section in Explore.
  • After selecting the Share option at the bottom, your Instagram Reels will be shared.

How to watch Instagram Reels on Android, iOS?

  • Open Instagram on Android or iOS
  • Scroll through your feed to see any Reels. Much like IGTV posts have the IGTV icon, Reels posts too get the Reels icon.
  • Tap on the Reels icon and you will be taken to the Reels section of that particular person’s profile.
  • You can also watch your own Reels by heading to the Profile sections and going to the Reels section to explore all the videos.
  • You can also look for random reels, head to the Explore section of the app.
  • A new Reels section appears on the top of the section and tap on it to find a number of Reels created by people on the app.

How to save Instagram Reels in Android, iOS?

  • Go to Instagram on Android or iOS.
  • Look for any Reels video on the app you are watching and want to save.
  • Tap on the three-dotted menu in the posts’ top right corner, the video will get saved to your Saved section.
  • You can access the videos in the Saved section within your Profile’s menu.
  • For Android, go for the ‘Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost Instagram’ app.
  • Once downloaded, head to Instagram, open the Reels you want to save, and copy its link.
  • Now, open the video downloader app, the URL of the video will automatically get pasted there and the video will be saved to your phone’s gallery.
  • For iOS, download the ‘InSaver for Instagram’ app.
  • Once downloaded, set the app and follow the same instructions as mentioned above for Android and you will get the Instagram Reels video on your iPhone.
  • You can also enable screen recording on your device to save Instagram Reels to your device.

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