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J&K Terror: Elite NSG Commandos To Be Drafted For War


It has been a decision from center that to deploy NSG (National Security Guard) commandos in Srinagar to protect the counter-terror grid as security forces look to step up action against terror outfits after the state was placed under governor’s rule with BJP snapping its alliance with PDP.

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The state police and other paramilitary forces in special anti terror skills will be trained by NSG. Also, oversee anti-hijack operations at Srinagar airport and deploy commandos for intelligence-based operations where needed for which the elite unit needs to be deployed in pinpointed operations.

The training of CRPF by NSG will be a more formal arrangement. The central security establishment feels that NSG’s equipment, expertise and skills can be put to more active use.

An official said that “It’s a sizeable force equipped with the latest weapons and equipment for counterterror actions, and many feel that its deployment should not be limited to extraordinary situations like the 26/11 attacks or the Pathankot strike. They can be actively involved to tackle terrorism in J&K and be a strong force multiplier. The situation is apt to put their superior training, skills and arms to use”.

J&K police sources said some NSG units would be placed at a BSF facility in Srinagar, while more locations are being scouted. NSG DG Sudeep Lakhtakia will visit Srinagar soon to discuss the induction.

The Training session points:

1. The state police and other paramilitary forces in special anti terror skills will be trained by NSG in a room intercession and other anti-terror skills, oversee anti-hijack operations at Srinagar airport. And deploy it’s commandos for intelligence based operations.

2. NSG expertise and higher skills will be put on more active use.

3. NSG commandos will be using sophisticated heckler and Koch MP5 sub machine guns, sniper rifles, through the wall radar and C-4 explosives to eliminate holed-up terrorists.

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