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Omar Abdullah: BJP-PDP Split Is A “Brilliant Fixed Match”


On 20th June 2018, Omar Abdullah the National Conference (NC) vice-president phrased the breakup of the PDP-BJP alliance as a “brilliant fixed match”, and charged the two parties “crafted their divorce” and “scripted it to perfection” after being influenced with Bollywood movies.

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“The PDP & BJP have been watching Bollywood movies for political strategy. This is how they have crafted their “divorce”. Brilliant fixed match, scripted to perfection except the audience aren’t fools & neither are the rest of us,” Mr Omar wrote on Twitter as he shared a clip from the 1977 political satire movie ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’.

The former chief minister said keeping it in suspended animation encourages brokers hence call for immediate dissolution of the state assembly.

Further, Mr Omar wrote “Then why not dissolve the assembly? If @rammadhavbjp is true to his word that there is no question of horse trading & clearly no new alliances are being formed then the assembly should be dissolved. Keeping it suspended has encouraged dalals”.

He was replying to BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav’s reported comments that there was no question of horse-trading.

The comment which Mr Madhav made was “Why is he (Omar Abdullah) so scared? I’m sure his party men are loyal to him. There is no question of horse-trading from our side. We’ve seen what kind of horse-trading happened in J&K under his party, no body should forget the history”.

Mr Omar said while he had no doubt about the loyalty of his lawmakers, “we all know what happened in the PDP after Mufti Sb (former chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed) died & the sort of pressure that was applied to Mehbooba Mufti”.

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