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K-Pop Star Kim Jaejoong Apologizes For April Fools’ Day Prank About COVID-19

The star said that he had contracted coronavirus and hospitalised.


K-Pop star Kim Jaejoong has apologised for his April Fool prank. As an April Fools’ joke, he falsely told his followers that he had contracted coronavirus. In the post, the K-pop star said that he had been diagnosed with the virus, and blamed that because of his negligence, he has tested positive. (This is as per translation by Soompi).

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In the post the 34-year-old wrote, “My foolish judgment to live as though it couldn’t happen to me is why I am like this today. I am currently hospitalized.”

Before deleting the post, he edited the caption to reveal that he was not ill and he posted it to create awareness among the people.

“My family and my friends are getting sick.. and dying,” he wrote and said that he will accept all punishment. “I hope all of you are healthy”, he wrote.

Jaejoon wrote in his follow up post that what he did shouldn’t have been done.

He wrote, “I hoped that people would be more aware and therefore we could minimize the number of people who suffer because of COVID-19… I wanted to convey the dangerousness of the current situation to them one way or another,” he wrote in part. “… My post today, it went very far, but I thought that if people paid a large amount of interest to it, then they might listen. This method has hurt a lot of people and I am receiving criticism for it.”

“For causing distress, I sincerely apologize to the government agencies and medical professionals who are working hard because of COVID-19 and to the many people who are following instructions to give up on their lifestyles and are doing all they can to overcome this,” he further added.

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