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5 Korean Celebrities That Love Bollywood Films

Bollywood movies have become quite popular in South Korea


Bollywood films have been steadily gaining popularity with global audiences over the years. Whether it is Robert Downey Jr calling Aamir Khan the ‘Tom Hanks Of India’ or John Cena showing his love for quirky star Ranveer Singh, Bollywood has left its mark on the global scale. Moreover, Bollywood movies have become quite popular in South Korea as well. In fact, Bollywood movies have also caught the attention of a number of Korean stars. Here are five Korean celebrities that loved Bollywood movies.

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5 Korean Celebrities That Love Bollywood Films

1. Jimin (BTS)

Korean celebrities bollywood movies Jimin BTS

BTS member Jimin revealed during a V Live session recently that he had watched Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots. The film was a hit in South Korea and grossed more than US$3 million dollars. Moreover, Jimin is just one of the Korean celebrities that love Bollywood movies and 3 Idiots in particular.

2. Vav

Korean celebrities bollywood movies Vav

Like we said earlier, Jimin is just one of the many Korean celebrities who are fans of Bollywood movie 3 Idiots. K-pop band Vav has also stated that they would love to work alongside Bollywood actor Aamir Khan after watching 3 Idiots. Band member Lou stated during their concert in India last year that they had watched several Bollywood movies.

3. Jackson Wang (Got7)

Korean celebrities bollywood movies Jackson Wang

Got7 rapper and reality TV star Jackson Wang is another Korean celebrity who has expressed his love for Bollywood. In a live video chat with his fellow band member Jinyoung, he stated, “I really wish I could go to India, I love India so much. I watch Bollywood films too,” he said.

4. Lai Kuan-lin (Wanna One)


‘3 Idiots’ seems to be one Bollywood movie that is quite popular with Korean celebrities. Lai Kuan-lin of Wanna One showed his love for the film by posting snippets from the movie on his Instagram page.

5. Baek Jin-hee


Baek Jin-hee has expressed her love for Bollywood’s King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan. “Although I don’t know the language, I think, the artists are very talented as far as acting, singing and dancing are concerned. And Chak de! India is my favourite Hindi film,” she told Hindustan Times.

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