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Kumkum Bhagya Dec 30, 2019 written update: Abhi comes to know that Rhea has feelings for Ranbir

In Kumkum Bhagya upcoming episode Aliya and Abhi will learn Rhea's feelings for Ranbir


In Kumkum Bhagya Dec 28, 2019 written update: Abhi realises that Ranbir is the one who is the right person for Rhea. Not only that, he also expresses the same to Purab as well. But Purab wonders whether or not Ranbir has feelings for Rhea.

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Following which, Abhi then decides to talk to Rhea and Ranbir about the same. In the meantime, Rhea and her friend Dimpy have a specific discussion about how Ranbir is cheating on her with Prachi. After that, Dimpy suggests that Rhea should forbid Prachi from talking to him.

To which, Rhea makes a decision to confront Ranbir before that. Moreover, Ranbir gets drunk at a restaurant and then insists his friend Aryan to take him to Prachi only so that he can propose her finally. Somewhere else, Rhea also leaves the house in order to confront Ranbir which though later comes to Aliya’s notice.

Talking about, Kumkum Bhagya Dec 30, 2019 upcoming episode, Aliya asks Rhea related to the ongoing problem in her life. In addition to this, she gets to know that Rhea is in love with someone. Furthermore, Rhea also confesses that the person she is in love with is Ranbir.

Thereafter, the whole conversation is heard by Abhi who actually gets happy to know that his wishes are finally going to come true after all. On the other hand, Ranbir gets out of his car and then heads towards Prachi’s residence in order to propose her. Will Prachi accept Ranbir’s proposal? Stay hooked to The Live Mirror to find out what happens next.

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